Step 6: Dip & Drape

Drape the shirt over the rod, and drop the bottom into the water until the top dot is level with the top of the water. Let it soak for three to five minutes.
<p>super helpful tutorial! I've always wondered about how to get an ombre effect without just ending up with progressively darker stripes, as seems quite common. yours came out really nicely. i'm totally going to try this this weekend!</p>
I've been wondering how to do this since I saw a dip-dye thermal on jacksthreads that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. <br> <br> <br>I don't think Dip and Ombre dying are the same thing but I think they're fundamentally similar.
Wouldn't it be easier if you do it backwards? As in: add to the water the amount of dye that you would normally use to finish your shirt, and then dunk the bottom in, let it soak for a while, and then keep moving up the shirt. The longer exposure would make the bottom darker than the rest, which would get less time in the water.
FACEfun - I've actually tried it both ways, and I find the way I explained in this post much easier to control. I had friends over, and we tried the other way. It looked great on a couple items but was a lot more hit or miss. <br /> <br />It's definitely a possibility. I've just had much better luck doing it the way I describe in the Instructable. Good point, though!
Nice ible! Thanks for sharing, I have so many on my list! <br />sunshiine
So glad you like it, sunshiine! I've done our duvet cover the same way, and I think I might try some napkins soon, too. You can never have too many projects on the back burner, right? lol
Looks like you house is boarded up ! Sorry!
Thanks, but fortunately it's just an abandoned house nearby. Mine's doing just fine. :D
D'Arcy loves hers....I am waiting for another soccer/crafts get-together so I can make mine! <br />
How about ombr&Atilde;&copy; jerseys? Which team can I talk into that so that we can design all their goods?! And thanks for the support, sir!
great shirt. interesting choice for background with the boarded up house
Thanks, L! There are unfortunately several boarded up houses around, but it makes for a unique locale for a photo, anyway.
This is great, thanks for the share.
You're welcome, Audrey. I'd love to see pictures if you try it out!

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