Step 2: Bleaching

cut the tinfoil into small squares.
wash & towel dry your hair.
mix up the bleach powder and developer in a plastic bowl with the tint brush, i feel like its a 'frosting' consistancy.
both people should wear old clothing as bleach will immediatly damage anything it touches.

Starting at the back of the head and moving up to the crown (this is very important!) The person bleaching the hair divides up the hair into chunks and brushes the bleach into the hair, get close to the roots but dont get the bleach on the scalp because it will itch a lot.

After each chunk of hair, fold it into the foil. my lovely assistant crunched the foil, but thats not advisable as its harder to remove without yanking the rather delicate hair
Scwounch9 years ago
To get your hair that extra bright color, I actually recommend skipping the foil business and rubbing the bleach all over. Sure it will get on your scalp and itch/burn a bit, but no permanent damage will be done. Be a man and take it. Also, leaving the bleach in for as much as double the time is necessary to get from brown to platinum blonde (or as white as possible).
yeah i did that once with off the scalp bleach not knowing the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!had ozzing scabs on my head for weeks not a good idea never do roots 2 x's due to heat in scalp they lift faster and will over process quickly! really itching was the least of my concerns it looked worse than it felt and it burned like hell!!!!!!!!  yes you could really see the scabbs ugh!!!!!!!!
Felix Tamen6 years ago
The author is right: this is the best process for getting really vibrant color. However... I you're using really dark dye and lots of heat, you can skip the bleaching step. This works on my average-brown hair. The resulting color will be darker/subtler, but sometimes that's OK, or even desirable. The upside is that you don't have to damage your hair by bleaching it. I like to test this by dyeing the tips of my hair. Then, if I like the effect, I go back the next day and dye the rest. It's time-consuming, but to me it's worth it to avoid the troubles of bleached hair. YMMV.
Felix Tamen6 years ago
If you have black hair, you may need to bleach your hair two or three times to get to blond.
HaelStorm7 years ago
Since bleach is known to "kill" your hair, never leave it in for longer than absolutely necessary. Also, since heat speeds up the developing process, I suggest using the foil and holding a blow dryer to your hair while it develops. That way, you won't have to leave it in for nearly as long, but you still get it the shade you want.