Step 3: Wash out bleach

Picture of Wash out bleach
Depending on your natural hair color (mine is dark blond), your desired color (a medium red), and developer (20vol) you wait 20-30 min or so and then wash out the bleach. i think using a hair dryer on warm will speed it up, but thats just a guess. take out a foil and see if your hair looks good. then wash it out completely. because its just a bleach step, hair will be 'brassy'
sharkona3 years ago
This is a really good inscrutableness, but it should also be noted that If you're going to go with blue, purple, pink or green colors, you're going to need it to be white blonde, but DO NOT bleach it again that day, spend a week with ugly hair, wear hats etc, and treat the Sh@t out of your hair with oil treatments and long heavy conditions, then do another bleaching round, the whiter your hair is the more vibrant (& even) the color will be.
There is a pretty fantastic CRT tan occurring in all these pictures. =P
xiaan9 years ago
Instead of a hair dryer, you can do almost as well with a plastic bag, like the kind that you get at the supermarket produce section.