Step 6: Upkeep

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After you've washed out the dye, you may want to consider doing a hot oil treatment or two because your hair is very damaged. The dye is a conditioner but I still think it helps.

When you wash your hair, use J&J baby shampoo which will not strip all the color out at once. Harsh shampoos will make the color fade within a few washes. Some people suggest using a "coloring shampoo" (from the beauty supply store) if one is available.

Dont forget to wrap your hair in the dye towel when you sleep (if its long) or cover your pillowcase (if its short)

You can do minor touchups every few weeks to keep it lookin' good!
lollispock2 years ago
When I used to dye my hair, I used Directions toners or sometimes regular dyes from the drugstore. I simply did not wash my hair before dyeing (slightly greasy hair is more "opened"), put the colour right on (with fingers only and rub it in) and let it set under a shower cap until it was completely dry. Then washed out with handwarm water. I used regular shampoo and my dyes lasted for at least 1.5 month (depending on the weather, more sun bleached out the colour) before they lost their "pop". I got that technique from an old punk friend :)
sharkona3 years ago
Also, I sleep with the dye in, most alternative hair dyes (i.e. Manic Panic, & Special Effects) have conditioner in them, so even after a whole night, my hair is soft, plus, it sets in GOOD, and lasts a lot longer in my opinion. Just put a plastic bag and a towel on your head & hop into bed. Rinse in the AM. If this is too much to handle leave it in for as many hours as you can stand!
TexelGirl3 years ago
When I was dying my hair blue, one of the tips I read was to add some extra dye to a color-safe conditioner. That way you get a color boost with every time you condition. It did seem to prevent fade/dullness much better than when I didn't do it.
Simply not washing your hair as often helps you keep the color lasting longer and keeps your hair more healthy too! Something the beauty and hygene industry totally don't want you to believe, but it's true! Don't wash out the minerals from your scalp everyday. It'll save you money too!
Thats pretty much how I justify it, I just wish I knew where to get the green and blue dyes cheap.
in ga our local cvs carries a kit with green blue and purple it's either special effects of splat beauty supplie places the ones with all the barrette and hair weaves have a huge selection of wild temp colors the shops that carry alot of ethnic hair and skin products
Just wanted to drop a "Thank you" comment for this excellent step by step hair dye instructions. I didn't follow it completely but took ideas from it that helped me during the bleaching/pre-lightning stage(e.g. tin foil, etc...)
mclisa6 years ago
Products with glycerin can strip red pigment from your hair. Also shampoos with sulfates as the primary cleansing ingredient can be very harsh. I use two good protein shampoo/conditioners, Mill Creek Keratin (health food stores) and Curly Hair Solutions Treatment shampoo and Pure Silk Protein.
frenzy6 years ago
some how i expected you to get an arduino in your hair some how, oh well.

Hi, I'm a hairdresser and I just thought I may add a few tips. If you can afford to, see a hairdresser about this. ;) I have two reasons to justify this statement: 1. Many lighteners [bleach] sold in beauty supplies are not intended for on-scalp use and can [and will] leave the scalp with chemical burns, sometimes resulting in open wounds, other times burning the hair follicles entirely and leaving bald spots [even if it only gets on the scalp in a couple places]. 2. If your desired color can be achieved with permanent [oxidative] hair color as opposed to direct dye [special effects] it WILL always last longer. This is because of several reasons, which I will not get into at the moment, but the primary reason for this longer lasting effect is called NATURAL REMAINING PIGMENT. And when salon professionals take color classes they drill this into your brains. (: If you cannot afford to see a hairdresser: 1. Purchase a lightener that is safe for on-scalp application, and add two packets of sweet-n-low to the lightener, I am dead serious it will not burn. 2. Developer should be selected for appropriate lift [again, your hairdresser will know this] so, if you have very damaged hair that is long and dark, three applications with 10 volume will be MUCH safer than one application with 40 volume. 3. The toner step is entirely unnecessary. Toner does not lift hair at all, so after applying the lightener, hair is either light enough, or not - in which case another application is needed. 4. apply lightener to the roots when the hair is nearly as light as you want it [the last 5 minutes or so], this way you will get a color that is between brown and your bright color - for a "natural look," if you will, without the instant re-growth. I use and love Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner, with a weekly treatment of Alterna hemp organics repair, my hair color is actually very similar to yours in the photo, but I go 8 weeks between coloring it and it is always BRIGHT. I really hope this doesn't sound mean, I just want to help. (: If I failed at being nice, I'm sorry. ):
ladyada (author)  Aleksandr Skotbot6 years ago
ill try the sweetnlow, a great tip. BTW what -does- toner do if it doesn't take out the yellow?
It hard to explain briefly. But I'll try. In the American level system, there are 10 levels of hair color. 1 is black and 10 is lightest blonde. There are different colors that are exposed when you lift, or lighten, hair. There is a specific pigment exposed at each level. Toner provides a neutralizing pigment to balance the color exposed. So toner will not take yellow-orange hair to a white color, because yellow-orange is the color exposed at a level 8. In order to achieve a whitish blonde color, hair must be lifted as light as it will possibly go, and toned with a violet-based level 10 toner. But then, it gets more complicated, because there are different levels needed to apply these bright hair colors. Violet - 6-7 Orange - 7-8 Red - 5-7 Blue - 10 Green - 9-10 Yellow - 9-10 Does that answer your question a bit?
You are brilliant.
I just joined this site, so pardon my error, I write using brackets, and where I placed them, they turned into links! eek!
NattyIce7 years ago
If you do get dye on your face or hands and want to get it off right away crush a denture cleaning tablet and a add couple of drops of water in a cup(so its a thick paste). A light rub with a wash cloth or even your fingers and and the dye comes right off. Saved me from having to go out with purple ears many a time.
ejap7 years ago
Oil based conditioners tend to fade the colours away very easily. SO don't use them regulary, preferably at all.
landru7 years ago
I think you're really cute ;-)
costumey8 years ago
You can also add a bit of food color to the ELMERS SCHOOL GLUE to brighten things up a bit. I bet the blue gel school glue would work but I have only used the regular school glue, just be sure it isn't glue all. :-)
Its not a good idea to use a hot oil treatment. It gets your hair nice and soft but it strips the color. Nice hair by the way im gonna do red in september.
brunoroots9 years ago
you look great ;)
Paul Mitchell shampoo one and conditioner...seriously, the stuff works, but you only have to use a small amount... That and Elmer's glue in place of hair gel. I know some people who use olive oil, etc, but I never really got that - plus, it doesn't work for my hair because it's too thick. Currently, I went with white. I was jealous of people over 50. Peroxide pain sucks.