This instructable will show you how to make an end table that looks like an old dynamite crate.  It is easy to build and is made from an old pallet so it's cheap too.

Step 1: Materials


An old pallet
Large ceramic tile
Small Hinges
Magnetic Catch
Small furniture slides or floor protectors
Black paint
Wood glue
Construction adhesive
Clear satin wood finish
<p>ACME DYNAMITE. love it :D... miepmiep...</p>
<p>We love this. </p>
<p>You should add a 'Danger: This Side Up' on the other side (pointed sideways, of course!)</p>
One the funniest I'bles of the lot, just couldn't stop laughing! Do I have to say anymore I like this? Yes? Wel, I like this! Weeeeeeeeel done!
I'd rather use it it as a box for my car : that would keep buggers at bay !&hellip; <br> <br>I wouldn't try it in an airport though !&hellip; lol <br> <br>nice
It looks like something that would come in handy when I fly.
My kids won't understand it, and my wife will roll her eyes, but I think I'll have to make this for myself! Thanks for the idea!
I thought the same thing!
If you think a reciprocating saw is easy then you should try using a circular saw, because it's really easy. A circular saw is faster, and you can get a bit more wood out of the pallet too. I've done it both ways myself. I wouldn't waste my time with a reciprocating saw today.
Good to know. Thanks.
Perfect for the mancave. Thanks
No prob. Glad you like it.

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