Dynamo Battery Charger




Introduction: Dynamo Battery Charger

This is a machine that lets you charge a battery by turning a motor shaft.

You'll need:

-A solar powered garden light.

-A 6 volt motor.

-A battery pack. (Optional.)

Step 1: Get a Charger Module

A battery charger circuit can be found inside of solar-powered garden lights.

The small circuit should already have a battery case, but if you want a larger battery pack, you can cut the wires and solder a new battery pack to them.

Step 2: Attach the Dynamo

(Above is a diagram of how the whole circuit should look when finished)

Cut the wires between the solar panel and charger circuit and solder the motor to the newly cut wires of the charger circuit.

If, when you turn the motor shaft, the battery doesn't charge at all, you can probably just remove the motor and solder the wires to the opposite leads. Basically, the motor was on backwards.


Hooray! You've made a generally weak but still effective dynamo!



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