My best pistol yet... 5 rounds... Sleek Design... Simple... Takes about 10 minutes if you have all the parts with you. I present the MP9! (Disclaimer: Even though this is a very commonly used Trigger Design... It was all my design... any resemblance to another gun is entirely coincidencial.) Range: 20-30 feet, Accuracy: Poor, Maximum Capacity: 5 rounds, Bullet Types: Grey Connector (Recommended), Green rods, Additional Equipment: Extended Magazine. It's my first multi-bullet gun... so cut me some slack if its not all that... at least I tried... Enjoy! V2 Releasing soon... MP9 PDW Releasing soon also...
this gun would have been good last year.
he meant to make it and it is a nice sidearm
agreed lol
Lol... yeah... I was bored... so I made this gun
Sorry for the screw up if you guys were wondering about the 5 picture instructable... Teehee...

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