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“If you want something done, do it yourself. Yep!” says Mr. Zorg in the Fifth Element. Probably motivates us to start our projects.

I am a big fan of model trains but unfortunately I do not have a permanent room but what can I do if I already have a nice collection of trains especially steam engine models?
It is so nice to see the spinning wheels and moving rods. I was looking for a nice solution to display some of my collection and also run the engines. On the market there are a several products available for high price, with limited ways to place a large American steamer. So here comes again, I have to do something better and nicer myself. :)

The Broadway Limited came out once with a display bridge designed for the expensive brass Big Boy, but there were only fixed bearings and only for the Big Boy wheel arrangement. The basic idea was there I just needed to re-think and modify my display to serve different axis arrangements and have a nice look.


Lately I found this very interesting photo about a steamer dyno. So they actually existed in a kind of similar way as my design. Nothing new under the sky. :)

I already have plans to build a real loco dyno with measuring feature.


excellent ........very very good

taban212 years ago
very cool
themadcat2 years ago
What are locomotives? Are they handmade?
zorwick (author)  themadcat2 years ago
No, they are very fine models from MTH and Broadway Limited.
I wish to make this kind of engines :)
erazor9833 years ago
I've not been into model trains for several decades, but this instructable caught my eye for some reason. I have to say I'm glad I took the time to read it! Excellent photography, very well written, and showcasing some masterful craftsmanship
mathman473 years ago
When I first saw this, I said, "Wait, isn't there something out there like this?" If so, it certainly cannot be of this quality or precision. This is a work of art. Craftsmanship is still alive, as well as love of a project.