Dystopia Teaser

This is the teaser of my new ball machine Dystopia I'm working on. Enjoy!


sandroknexmaster (author)2012-04-20

I can't wait untill it's finished!!!! :D

It IS finished, it'll be up next Friday :)

Orangeprofessor (author)2012-04-13

Are you using the infinity switch for this ball machine

Sorunome (author)Orangeprofessor2012-04-14


Orangeprofessor (author)2012-04-08

Der motor klingt wie dort ist eine Menge Druck auf ihn für den zwetien Aufzug

Sorunome (author)Orangeprofessor2012-04-12

Ja, ich mich auch bald des Gegengewicht schwerer. :)

Senior Waffleman (author)2012-03-26

Ich spreche deutsch nicht so gut :P

Das ist gut genug für ein person die nicht so gut Deutsch sprecht :p

Danke :P

Keine probleme =)

Ich habe eine Deutsch Lehrerin! :)

Das ist toll! =D Ich habe kein Deutsch mehr für ein jahr.

Sorunome (author)dr. richtofen2012-03-31

*spricht :P

dr. richtofen (author)Sorunome2012-03-31

Thanks, I haven't had Deutsch sinds ein year.

haha :P

Ja, bestimmt

ok, cool :)

Tornado96 (author)2012-03-26

This is already better than Catastropha! Aren't organised ball machines so much easier and funner to make? ;)

Sorunome (author)Tornado962012-03-26

I didn't really organize :P I just started making all the lifts. I changed my plan in my head like 5 times :P
Thanks anyways.

Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2012-03-27

Still looks organised. :P should be interesting to see this one. Just don't go too big this time.

Sorunome (author)Tornado962012-03-27

It is already at the maximum height, width and depth :P

Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2012-03-28

ah very good!

Sorunome (author)Tornado962012-03-29

hehe, but it's not to easy to build a lot in a path in such a small ball machine :)
BTW, do you like the larger version of the semicircle lift?

Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2012-03-29

I wanna see it from the side. I do think the red looks better then the yellow. Blue would be pretty cool.

Sorunome (author)Tornado962012-03-30

I thought of posting some extra-pics on my website, that post motivated me to do so ^^
So await pis soon. If you haven't subscribed to the rss-feed yet, do it! (And create an account so you can get a email if you want for each news article :P)

Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2012-03-30

I can't bothered... Post it on ibles instead!

Sorunome (author)Tornado962012-03-31

...noooooo :P
It is already up on my webpage:

KneXtreme (author)2012-03-25

Very cool! I like the over all look of the ball machine and how you used Shadowman39's arm lift. Looks great so far :)

Sorunome (author)KneXtreme2012-03-26


KneXtreme (author)Sorunome2012-03-28

BTW it sounds like your motor is about explode.

Sorunome (author)KneXtreme2012-03-28

I know, but it isn't, it used to sound even a bit worse... xD

sathothy (author)2012-03-25

Awesome! Like I said before. That lift is cool!

Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-25

Thanks! Which lift do you mean now?

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-25


Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-25

Haha, thanks! Remember that they both have already been made before :P

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-25

I know, but they still are awesome! Also that elememt/path in the slow motion clip. Is that an coincident or does it always happen?

Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

It happens always :)

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-26


Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

You can see in the top edge the two-ball dispenser :)

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-26

Now I see.. I cant stop watching this video! Its awesome!

Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

I already turned you over to the ball machine side, you cannot return MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-26


Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

BTW, did you already watch in 3D? ;)

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-26

Now I did! I need to watch catastropha again......... Maybe in my summervacation. Its such an long video.

Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

Watch it NOW! The 17:30 minuets are definitely worth it!

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-26

I know! But I need to learn! I will watch it after my testweek. So remember me on Friday!

Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

Oh, forgot you had testweek... poor you...

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-26

But when this week is over. It feels like I have ALOT of spare time. I must love that feeling.

Sorunome (author)sathothy2012-03-26

When this week is over I have two weeks holidays :P

sathothy (author)Sorunome2012-03-27

I have an four day weekend from 6 April to 9 April.
And I have no Homework this weekend.

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