Dystopia Teaser

This is the teaser of my new ball machine Dystopia I'm working on. Enjoy!
I can't wait untill it's finished!!!! :D
It IS finished, it'll be up next Friday :)
Are you using the infinity switch for this ball machine
Der motor klingt wie dort ist eine Menge Druck auf ihn für den zwetien Aufzug
Ja, ich mich auch bald des Gegengewicht schwerer. :)
Ich spreche deutsch nicht so gut :P
Das ist gut genug für ein person die nicht so gut Deutsch sprecht :p
Danke :P
Keine probleme =)
Ich habe eine Deutsch Lehrerin! :)
Das ist toll! =D Ich habe kein Deutsch mehr für ein jahr.
*spricht :P
Thanks, I haven't had Deutsch sinds ein year.
haha :P
Ja, bestimmt
ok, cool :)
This is already better than Catastropha! Aren't organised ball machines so much easier and funner to make? ;)
I didn't really organize :P I just started making all the lifts. I changed my plan in my head like 5 times :P<br>Thanks anyways.
Still looks organised. :P should be interesting to see this one. Just don't go too big this time.
It is already at the maximum height, width and depth :P
ah very good!
hehe, but it's not to easy to build a lot in a path in such a small ball machine :)<br>BTW, do you like the larger version of the semicircle lift?
I wanna see it from the side. I do think the red looks better then the yellow. Blue would be pretty cool.
I thought of posting some extra-pics on my website, that post motivated me to do so ^^<br>So await pis soon. If you haven't subscribed to the rss-feed yet, do it! (And create an account so you can get a email if you want for each news article :P)
I can't bothered... Post it on ibles instead!
...noooooo :P<br>It is already up on my webpage:<br>http://www.sorunome.de/knex/ballmachines/dystopia/#constructionslideshow
Very cool! I like the over all look of the ball machine and how you used Shadowman39's arm lift. Looks great so far :)
BTW it sounds like your motor is about explode.
I know, but it isn't, it used to sound even a bit worse... xD
Awesome! Like I said before. That lift is cool!
Thanks! Which lift do you mean now?
Haha, thanks! Remember that they both have already been made before :P
I know, but they still are awesome! Also that elememt/path in the slow motion clip. Is that an coincident or does it always happen?
It happens always :)
You can see in the top edge the two-ball dispenser :)
Now I see.. I cant stop watching this video! Its awesome!
I already turned you over to the ball machine side, you cannot return MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D
BTW, did you already watch in 3D? ;)
Now I did! I need to watch catastropha again......... Maybe in my summervacation. Its such an long video.
Watch it NOW! The 17:30 minuets are definitely worth it!
I know! But I need to learn! I will watch it after my testweek. So remember me on Friday!
Oh, forgot you had testweek... poor you...
But when this week is over. It feels like I have ALOT of spare time. I must love that feeling.
When this week is over I have two weeks holidays :P
I have an four day weekend from 6 April to 9 April.<br>And I have no Homework this weekend.

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