Introduction: E-CLIP

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A sway-trike with geared pedalling and electric option.

Step 1: Features:

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  • Trike with sway/banking option.
  • Sway locking option available.
  • Geared pedaling of efficiency.
  • Electric motor with accelerator.
  • Removable battery.
  • Small lockable boot under seat.
  • Front disc brakes.
  • Front carrier up-to 50 kg load.
  • Small headlight.

Step 2: Materials

MS pipe frame, SS Handle and Handle shaft, Bought-out items like wheels, pedals, gears, cables, motor and battery etc

Step 3: Making

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Step 4: Dual Power System.

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  • A 24v dc motor powers left chain.
  • Pedal option with 6 speed gear option drives the right chain.

Step 5: Sway and Turning.

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Step 6: Turning Limiter

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Step 7: Tie Rod

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Step 8: Turn and Tilt Joint Steering Knuckles.

Picture of Turn and Tilt Joint Steering Knuckles.

Step 9: Sway Lock Option.

Picture of Sway Lock Option.

Step 10: Dual Shock Absorbers.

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Step 11: Brakes

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Step 12: Power System

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Step 13: Accessories

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Step 14:


mrsmerwin (author)2017-02-03

wow, but where is the description? I want to know how--even if I could never do anything so impressive.

sorry theres no step by step description since this is too difficult to show how to make....we've shown every part in the video and photos..and anyone who can make in terms of knowledge of materials and fabrication, will be able to use this visual information and make something like this

Thanks. we're going to release the video on our channel next week if the edit is complete by has everything including a fast forward of the assembly too.

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