For this project you will need :

-Sewing machine


-Embroidery hoop


-Conductive thread

-Both exterior and interior fabric of your choice

-3 LEDs

-Battery and battery holder

-Hand sewing needle

Step 1: Lay Out Your Circuit/Stitch Down the Circuit.

Step 2: Cut Out the Fabric and Place Accordingly.

Step 3: Attach the Circuit to the Lining.

Step 4: Attach All Seams Whilst Inside Out.

Step 5: Finally Turn the Right Way Round.

<p>Is it supposed to light up the inside of the purse? Would love seeing the purse &quot;in action&quot; so to speak.</p>
<p>How do you prevent coins from shorting the circuit?</p>
<p>How this works? please provide a video for that! I wanna see the preview or the working prototype.</p>
<p>Cute coin purse!!</p>
<p>Cute coin purse!!</p>

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