E-Z Breakdance: Baby Freeze





Introduction: E-Z Breakdance: Baby Freeze

Learn to impress the ladies at the club! Or just dance like you know it for the fun of it! This will cover the coolest and easyest move in breakdancing! Anyone can learn this move!

Based on my video: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1110209/learn_to_breakdance_e_z_the_air_baby/

Step 1: Squat Position

Your main position of this move!

.right knee on ground
.left knee up high

Step 2: Twist Positioning

Make sure your elbow is on your knee or on your leg, depending on your size!

Step 3: Supporting Your Weight!

You will be supporting your weight on your elbow, but it will be spread throughout your body, causing it to not be hard to do :P

Step 4: After You Practise!

Practise these steps to be able to support your weight better. Once youget better you can move your legs, or even like me, move to a hand stand position! Or a tripod freeze.



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    15 Discussions

    can i give a tip u need your body a bit more spread instead of bent

    Third time added. Still not done well. I swear to god. Why don't you try doing some other freeze. That would be cool. This is sort of unnecesary.

    3 replies

    i kinda already posted this and so did this other guy. i'm getting mad and so people stop posting copied instructables, even if they are better.

    7 replies

    I believe the idea here at Instructables is to post what you do and improve upon other people's ideas. This isn't straight plagiarism. If this is better than yours, then it'll help people who had trouble with yours.

    ok fine, but he should atleast put something in there about other instructables similar to it. it just sorta makes me mad

    I agree with both. If somebody inspired or helped you with their ideas, they should give you a nod, but at the same time not be afraid to post a similar Instructable with improved graphics/wording/technique

    guys, I had no idea you had one before I posted on instructables. And all I wanted to do is just help you guys with how to do it, cause thebboy's couldn't be used, like I couldn't follow it and I know how to do it :P

    ok. i don't blame you, but next time you guys need to do more looking around. +1 cuz it's a good instructable.

    hey, it work, i tryed just for fun, and my brother was amazed.