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This Instructable shows how to make a bee catcher in minutes. This bee catcher ensures safety of the bees stinger, and efficiency. This is also considered re-using rather than recycling.
The E-Z Catch also make eating outside more fun and less harmful and annoying.

Step 1: Supplies

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You will need a bottle ( Coke recommended ). Knife or scissors. Some coke, along with tape.

Step 2: Preparing the Bottle

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Preparing the bottle is real easy. All you have to do is take of the label or raping of the bottle.

Step 3: Making the Cut

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For step 3, you need to first make a line around the bottle where you are going to cut. Put the line about 1/3 around the top end. Then just cut the bottle.

Step 4: The Flip and Tape

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After you cut the bottle and have two parts. You then take the top part of the bottle ( the drinking end ) and put it upside down into the bottom part. Once done you then tape it so the two parts hold together without taping over top of the bottle.

Step 5: The Fill

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After you have tightly secured the two halves, you then just pour the Coke into the top end. Make sure you only fill the bottle up to about 1/6 to 1/7 full.


triumphman (author)2011-06-28

Can I use this type of catcher for moths that eat wool & silk. I found some recipes for molasses & vinegar, and also beer, molasses & dish soap. ???

sdunne1990 (author)2011-05-17

Can you use a Large 2L bottle?
I bought a wasp catcher in a shop but it did not really work the wasps just flew back out!
Would you empty it every night?

Dr.Bill (author)2011-04-22

I catch roaches with beer.

torned00 (author)2010-05-14

what kind of insects will it catch?

why coke can i replace it with water with sugar?

crasch48 (author)2009-07-08

ps what about adding a little dry ice to generate co2 as that is one of mosquito s attractants?

DIY-Guy (author)crasch482010-04-08

:)    Soda is carbonated with C02 I think, make sure it's warm as a body and set out at dawn and dusk if mosquitos are your game.   :)

Vertigo666 (author)2009-01-31

You should also flip the cap neck, so you can close it once all the bees are inside. And also, it's unlikely that lots of bees can fit in there, only so many before they start buzzing back out (yes, they know how to get out of bottles and cans, I have firsthand experience) Clever, though, should help many a camper/picnic-er

CraigHarrison (author)Vertigo6662009-02-01

only smaller bees can get out, and actually its dumpster bees ( yellow jackets and hornets ). Which have a very large wing span making it impossible for them to get out. They crawl in with their wings not out. But in order for them to get out they have to be flying, and this causes them not to fit. Yes they are very clever

This works great! also I've put fruit in mine and caught alot off bee's and wasp even some flys.

beer works great also

shesparticular (author)2009-02-02

Isn't this just a variation on a way that was developed by a teacher in Thailand or China (I'm sorry I can't remember which and can't find the link right now) to catch mosquitos?

Meggz (author)shesparticular2009-03-01

if you have info on that and it is an instructable or otherwise, why don't you elaborate on the 'how to' of it. Also, this contributor and others like them may not have seen the instructions (on catching mozzies) that you have, so is blissfully unaware of its existence. If the info they have provided can help someone, and it is not based on mass destruction of nature, I hope we can forgive them of plagiarism. Ta for your efforts CraigHarrison, it is appreciated

shesparticular (author)Meggz2009-03-01

I didn't mean that it wasn't good that it had been shared (though there are a lot of Instructables on this), I was just asking if I was understanding it wrong, or if that's what the idea of it was. The Taiwanese info I was referring to is available at It was shared with my by I doctor who I work with, who is friends with the teacher who did this with his students.

I also think that it's good of Craig to have shared this, since most people may not have known about it - I was just wondering it it was the same or not; sorry if I twasn't clear about that.

Meggz (author)shesparticular2009-09-15

Koool. sorry for the misunderstanding

Meggz (author)Meggz2009-03-01

thanx for sharing that, and for the link. there are many versions of this idea, and almost every one adds another aspect to the original. It is awesome to see the brainstorming an these sites.

crasch48 (author)2009-07-08

here is the english translation to the mosquito trap.

Insanewrench (author)2009-05-21

I saw this (without the coke and placed on its side) used a minnow trap in the local creek. Baited with old meat it'll catch crayfish.

Seth Thomas (author)2009-02-02

This is cool Craig. It's also good that people aren't saying that it is animal cruelty like my fish tank.

foobear (author)2009-02-01


implaxis (author)2009-02-01

This is almost exactly the Instructable I was going to make for a penny/dime bank. Use a 2-liter bottle, and you're there (less the liquid, of course!).

CraigHarrison (author)implaxis2009-02-01

Thanks for the tip.

Mumfi (author)2009-02-01

I think that you are trying to get rid of wasps, not bees. Bees are generally not attracted to sugar or sweet liquids. Bees are after pollen. Plant some flowers if you want bees. Bees and bumblebees are nice and useful creatures.

CraigHarrison (author)Mumfi2009-02-01

yes you are technically correct. Bees do not usually go for the sugar or sweet liquids. Although, wasps do not go for it either. It's actually the dumpster bees or yellow jackets and hornets. Thanks for the correction.

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