Portable Tripwire





Introduction: Portable Tripwire

This Instructable is for you low tech people like me

Update: I recreated the pictures on google sketchup:)

Step 1: Parts

The Parts:
1 altoids tin
1 switch of some sort
1 "d" battery with holder (radioshack)
1 buzzer
half a popcicle stick
aluminum foil\
clear fish wire
match stick or any non metal thin stick

Step 2: Cutting

Cut a rectangle big enough for the D battery holder and two smaller one on the side for the buzzer and the switch.

Step 3: Wireing

Connect the buzzer to the switch and connect that to the battery holder Do not connect the wires from the buzzer to the battery holder

If your good with a solder then I recommend that

Step 4: Add Together

place the switch, the battery holder and the buzzerinto the altiods tin.

Have the two remaining wires stick out. see pic.

Step 5: Buzzer Base

tape one wire to the side of the altiods tin and tape the foil on top. see pic.

Step 6: Tripwire Activator

tape other wire to popcicle stick and tape the foil to it( the wire must touch the foil)

Step 7: Tape All Together

tape the popcicle stick to the tin till its hard to pull up
Or wrap a rubber band around the device and the popsicle stick

Step 8: Your Done!!!!

your finished with your E-Z tripwire, just tape a matchstick to sum fishing line and tape the other end to the wall. put som tacky on the bottum of your tripwire to have it stick to walls.

Step 9: Can You See It?

Can you see it???



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    looks like a crack pipe

    looks good but wat about a mini altoids can

    why not a AA battery? wouldn't that involve cutting the tin less? if you could get away with the only holes in it being for the tripwire and vents for the sound to escape you could hide it in plain view and no one would assume it was a tripwire :D

    i can see it but it isnt clarly visible ... the buzzer would be more useful in a remote local, say your room as to not alert the other person you are on to them

    yeah you could do that but this is a portable trip wire unless you could make a wire less buzzer

    laser tripwire is more advanced and better

    ehhhhhh... looks badly done, could use soldering instead of tape.

    i think the dangerous book for boys idea was better. It was more simple. like you know covering the ends of a clothespin with foil. or the pressure pad that was in there.

    Look on the right side towards the top.