Introduction: E27 Wireless LED Bulb

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Have you ever wanted a lamp without a wire?

In this project I will show the steps needed to make a E27 bulb that is USB charged and have 5 x 1W LED's. this is approximately the same lumen as a 50W traditional light Bulb.

Step 1: Preparing

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Before any soldering or 3D printing can happen we need the electronics.



Switch ON - OFF

(I can recommend you to scavenge some used laptop batteries. and use those. They are often much better quality)

Resistor 22ohm

Step 2: 3D Printing

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NOTE! These STL files are a little to small. BUT if you scale it in your slicing program by 110% it fit's perfect.

Step 3: Wireing

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Now to hard part.

First make sure all the parts fits.
Then make a parallel connection between the LED in a shape that fit's inside the top part.
Solder the battery to the charger(TP4056) and connect it to the switch and resistor.

Be careful when you are glueing the LED into place. for me the wires kept breaking and the soldered connections was to weak. but i managed in the end.

Step 4: Testing/Putting It to Good Use

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I had this lamp that i wanted to use as a reading lamp but i didn't want to have a wire going across the floor. therefor this was a perfect candidate. The bulb can last for about 2 hours befor it has to be recharged.
For some situations this is more than enough. Reading, the early dark mornings and many other situations.

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Manoj BR (author)2017-11-17

I think adding heatsink to LED is not a bad idea. Otherwise LEDs will burn out. Adding a heatsink increases the life of LED.
It's nice and clean.

TueBjørn (author)2017-11-16

Awesome project bro!
I have a cool designer lamp one of my friends gave me and that would be perfect for this! it has a 220V wire.. and it looks ugly.. ;-)

MillennialDIYer (author)2017-11-16

Interesting application.

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