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Ear wax, hair, bugs, sand, & bacteria cause itchy gross ears. But, it can be solved by one fun remedy. I have used it all my life, and to my knowledge it is SAFE. It was recommended by my doctor when I was a kid. That guy was prehistoric- so I believe this to be an OLD SCHOOL REMEDY that was forgotten.

What you will feel:


*in that order*


This instructable is not intended for those with exsisting ear problems. Such as tubes, grafts, or damaged ear drums, ect. This ible is safe for those with healthy ears only. You are responsible for your own body, so please use common sense and be your best advocate. If you dont know the health of your ears or feel this is not right for you- DONT TRY IT.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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1) Paper Towels

2) Hydrogen Peroxide (stabilized 3% oral debriding agent)
**If you have a deep wound in your ear, do not use peroxide. If you have objections to peroxid used on human tissues all together, dont use it. Always read the warning lable of any product  before you use it. Always apply common sense**

3) A cozy place to chill

4) A dropper, or a friend to help.

I like to do this at the end of the night when I am less likely to be bothered by kids.

Step 2: SPA TIME

Picture of SPA  TIME

Get yourself in the mood.... light some nice smelling candles! I would say play music, but chances are that you won't be able to hear it.

Have a friend fill the cap with peroxide... or just fill a clean dropper yourself if you're alone.  *OH YEAH BABY, ALONE*

You may want to place a towel where you plan on laying your head. And you certainly will want a paper towel inhand during the process.

Now, lay comfortably on your side and fill up the ear canal with peroxide. Close your eyes and enjoy. You must close your eyes to get the full effect! Your ear will become a hot tub of bubbles!

TIP: You can pull on your on your ear lobe to help fill the whole ear canal.


1) Expect it to feel cold at first.

2) Expect it to bubble rapidly

3) Expect to feel euphoric because of the inner ear magic going on.

4) And count on finding yourself submerged in bliss.



When the bubbles slow down significantly, you can sit up and drain with a paper towel.

TIP: Folks from the Instructables community suggest a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the ear to   
remove remaining moisture. Some even suggest a 50/50 mix with the peroxide. I have never tried
this... just thought I would put it out there

Now you can hear the Johova's Witnesses before they get to your street!  

Please feel free to give feedback.  I wish happy ears for all!  And if you dig it- VOTE :-)

**This Instructable is dedicated to my OCD friends with very clean ears, Eric and Charlotte~ Enjoy


elainedcent23 (author)2017-02-15

great one

JCoffey (author)2010-05-17

As an ex JW, I must warn you, they wear quieter shoes these days, haha

Oledoug (author)JCoffey2010-05-20

Don't want o hijack the subject but have any of you ever used an "ear candle".  It works about as natural as natural can be, but don't do it alone.

dia (author)Oledoug2010-05-20

Ear candles have been proven to be useless and dangerous.  In fact, after heavy testing to confirm their ineffective nature, they were banned in Canada.
The material you find in the bottom has been chemically examined and is the same wax as the candle, not ear wax.

J. Rafferty, A. Tsikoudas, and B.C. Davis published a great paper (Can Fam Physician. 2007 December; 53(12): 2121–2122.) where they created a mock human ear to prove there is no "suction" formed by the burning of the candle.

ArtisanEclectic (author)dia2017-01-15

I don't care what biased "experts" say. Ear candles work. I've used them many times and they are not dangerous. It's simple physics.

The reason you have contrary "reports" from medical practitioners is simple, Ear Candles cut into their business and render their expensive equipment and training unnecessary.

micobanff (author)dia2010-05-20

You ma'am, know how to state a source <3

thinkdunson (author)micobanff2010-05-20

son of citation is a godsend, imo.

adamvan2000 (author)thinkdunson2010-05-20

I googled those before too, with the same results.  Not only are they ineffective, but severely dangerous if used in the prescribed manner, whilst laying on one's side with the candle upright in the ear and lit.  Hot wax could easily drip down and perforate the eardrum, causing hearing loss and extreme pain(think how long wax takes to cools on your skin).  Never ever ever do this to yourself, please!


If the 'candle' in question is dripping hot wax, it was not properly made. No 'properly made' ear candle has enough wax to make it drip. The wax & carrier are burned away at the top of the candle...

Are you willing to take the chance that every ear candle you use is made properly, and meets strict guidelines, especially for an item that is banned by Health Canada and has no oversight? ~adamvan2000

Hi adam, Well, self admittedly, I am no scientist. I make certain the candles I use are properly made. If I can't find them, I make them myself. (unbleached linen, pure capped beeswax) use band aids? Any idea of how many people have had nasty reactions to the adhesives & such? How many people are allergic to latex? (yet, there they are, right there on the shelf...) I've responded to the post, it's kinda long, srry, but there are my views. Again I reiterate though, I'm grateful that there are those in society who are not afraid to take chances, and have furthered many types of medical research, etc. I'm sure many others would agree with both of us. :) Be well!

I agree with most of what you are saying, however, Bandaids causing reactions to the adhesive and the latex are not quite the same as poorly made ear candles. The one is a problem of the user, while the other is a problem of the manufacturer. I am glad that you are able to make your own. That seems to me a lot smarter than trusting the ones I found in a health foods store that's not even supposed to be selling them. I threw them out after researching the subject of ear candling. If I ever did attempt it, I would not use it vertically, but horizontally, so as not to risk hot wax perforating my ear drum. As has been shown in scientific studies of auricular candling, all the wax is from the candle, and not the ear canal. Also there is not enough suction created to suck anything out. Many practitioners also believe the ears, sinuses, and brain all can be cleared via ear candling. That is simply ludicrous, and at worst a gross misunderstanding of anatomy. Check out this article for some more info:

Hi adam,
Yes, I agree with that! (I can see how people may believe ears and sinuses could be joined - we've all heard of someone who blasted mucus into their eustachian tubes, but a clean brain?
I'm not sure I want me brain cleaned.... I kind of like it's disorderliness!
I in no way insinuated that "anything poorly made" should be used. (actually, the Pharmacist told me of a patient who had actually purchased a candle...not an ear candle, but a "hey, the power's out it's dark in here" candle, stuck it in their ear, and lit it.
Yes. I admit it, I laughed...

I'm lucky that I do have a source of quality items, they're better made than I can make myself, and, it's a nasty job to make them. (at least, for me it is!)
Still, our society uses many items, and we put numerous things in our bodies without doing any research, and most because "advertising" or "authority" says so.   Band aids were just my example.

True, there is no connection to the sinuses, (um, yuck? If that were the case, every time we showered or swam, we'd have sinus cavities full of water)

I'd sincerely like to have some of the 'goop' studied on my own, as, I've done this many times, and I'd be willing to bet a hefty sum, that, indeed, there is a convection of warm air... (I've seen it...a good candle will pull the small amount of smoke/carbon down in a warm air vortex sort of manner, which is why it's so important that the candle be quality unbleached linen, unperfumed, clean wax. etc.)

I had a debate with a woman who told me I was crazy to do this, as the smoke & carbon weren't good for you...all the while she was chain smoking cigarettes...and blowing it in my face.

And, again, "Yuck", there is no mistaking that taste & smell. (not to be gross, but stick your finger in your ear & taste that stuff - it tastes & looks a whole lot different than the burnt linen, wax & carbon residue from the candle - and to experiment, if you burn one, without it being in the ear, you get an entirely different substance deposit.)
I've never really heard of anyone doing it totally vertically.
Still, if there is enough wax to drip, that's a bad candle,
no matter what it's made of.
If hot ash is dropping on you, whomever is doing it for you needs a slap.
Many accidents happen, even in hospitals.
It's crazy how some will point an accusing finger at anything not mainstream, whilst quietly hiding the errors that do occur right in front of our noses, on a daily basis.

In my experience, a 45 degree angle works best - there's no convection to be had if the candle is horizontal.
I've checked out so many articles over the years, (I've had this arguement before - yet still for every article that's derogatory, there are as many people out there who swear by it.

Another example might be, say, nasal irrigation. 25 years ago, should you mention that you pour 1 cup of saline solution into your sinus cavities, and they'd look at you like you've lost your mind! Only a "quack" would suggest this, they'd say.  Doctors would tell you you're going to cause sinus infections, and sinusitus. Proven not to be true with appropriate use, and has been used in India and Europe for thousands of years.
Today, many practicioners encourage the use of Neti Pots, or sinus irrigation. (I had severe allergies as a child, discovered sinus irrigation and haven't had to be doped up since) The common citizen today still hasn't heard of this, however, and that shocked, knee jerk, "you can't do that! you'll drown" reaction is still prevalent.
I guess we'll just have to wait 25 years for more research.

Be well!

bonecholampworks (author)dia2010-06-16

Ear candles are not banned in Canada...nor in the US. (easily available in just about every City or town - even in the drug store...) Look it up. As with any procedure, it can be done incorrectly. (but, of course, we are taught never to doubt the Doctor!!!) Nay sayers will report the danger of fire...etc. Having used these items, it's easy to see that there's no possible way that the collection of garbage at the BOTTOM of the candle, as opposed to the TOP, where the burn actually takes place - without the middle being burned... (not to mention, if you're brave enough, open up that sucker, have a look, and, if you're really brave...taste it. If done properly, that crud is ear doubt about it) I've used both methods - peroxide & candling. I'll stick with the candling... I'd also highly doubt information so biased. Ear infections - gone. Elderly father - deaf on the left side - so much wax & dead skin build up that it would clog his hearing aid. One candling session - he no longer needs the aid. Of course, it's a personal decision...however, for me...results say more than anything...(the proof is in the pudding? lol) Let's not forget, Western medicine is out to 'cure your symptoms' not your problem. (no money in well people...) I do find it however, odd, that although there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who have actually found relief from this procedure, yet still, Doctors over prescribe procedures, antibiotics & other medications. (haven't' we learned yet?)

dia (author)bonecholampworks2010-06-16

I did look it up.

As the Health Canada website states:
"Health Canada's Medical Devices Regulations state that certain types of medical devices, including ear candles, require a licence from Health Canada before anyone can sell them for therapeutic purposes.
Health Canada has not issued any licences for ear candles. Therefore, the sale of this product for therapeutic purposes in Canada is illegal."

Here's a link to the aforementioned article: Ear candling
Should general practitioners recommend it?
You should read it.

lotusduck (author)dia2010-05-20

Very much agreed. When you think about it, other than the danger of wax dripping in your ear, there's no difference between ear candling and just putting something warm next to your head.

Spokehedz (author)Oledoug2010-05-20

 Absolute hogwash.

makalove (author)JCoffey2010-05-20

LMAO best response.

Kryptonite (author)JCoffey2010-05-18


Uh oh.

T0BY (author)2016-12-08

Hilarious! Very good Instructable, thanks!

PaulH268 (author)2016-06-23

I am troubled by ear discharge in my one ear which is also perforated. I thought hydrogen peroxide would help as I read that it is good for ear infections. Also, I recall my mother using it in my ear when I was a kid. Now I'm not sure.

Dustysart (author)2016-05-26

Now you can really hear the good news,

Now listen to what?

Read it in context, or just ask those, Johova's or as we like to say it, Jehovah's Witnesses. ;O)

Dustysart (author)2016-05-26

Now you can really hear the good news,

Now listen to what?

Read it in context, or just ask those, Johova's or as we like to say it, Jehovah's Witnesses. ;O)

zale (author)2010-05-20

If you have dandruff or  seborrheic dermatitis filing your ears with mineral oil and letting it soak for several minutes (basically as long as you can stand) will dissolve any build up of ear wax and loosen any flakes or plaques of skin caused by the problem.  I get terrible itchy scaly ears and this fixes them very well.  The mineral oil treatment works less well on my scalp though.

JoAnneM27 (author)zale2016-05-23

My husband had dandruff all his adult life until my hairstylist told him to get Nioxin. The first thing that ever worked! There is a 3 step product they have to get you started but the he just uses shampoo and conditioner.

thebriguy (author)zale2010-05-23

We used a good quality olive oil on our sons scalps when they were babies and with some massaging in after a few treatments the dryness went away. You could try that.

zale (author)thebriguy2010-10-10

The problem with using the oil for my scalp is i have a _lot_ of hair and it just soaks the oil up and becomes messy. Thanks much for the suggestion though.

alsulsona (author)2016-05-22

About how long do you leave it in your ear?

Kittywitty7 (author)2016-03-20

I have a 8 month old baby who has 4 ear infections for the past 4 months. I would like to know if it is okay to do this to my baby. I want to prevent her for having another ear infections and putting tubes in her ears.

gxwarr (author)Kittywitty72016-04-27

I would Definitely talk to the baby's doctor first!!!

Kittywitty7 (author)gxwarr2016-04-27

Okay i will definitely do that. Thank you. :)

christyh1 (author)2015-04-08

As long as I can remember my mother has cleaned all 6 of us kids ears with peroxide. She would fill the ear, let it bubble and soften the wax, and then use the loop end of a bobby pin (hair pin) to scoop the wax that floated up out, and then gently scoop the wax out of the canal. I am the only one with tubes (and got them as an adult about a year ago), DO NOT PUT PEROXIDE IN YOUR EARS WITH TUBES. I thought the tubes may have fallen out, and my ears felt itchy and yucky, and so I tried peroxide mixed with warm water to clean them and it is EXCRUCIATING PAIN! I wasn't fully numb when they put in my tubes and they had to inject the eardrum to numb it, and that wasn't as painful as peroxide in my ear (even a year after the tubes were put in). If you don't have tubes the peroxide and bobby pin are GREAT (just don't go too deep)!

ceealice (author)2013-11-21

I have used this many times for swimmers ear !

LP2 (author)2013-08-28

I am older, so I have big ear hair and wax build up, it drives me nuts.
I found this searching for an easy safe way to remove ear hair.
First time my aunt cleaned my ears 15years old with peroxide Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! oh man it tickles ! gurgle.
Ha ha.

sbrown1 (author)2011-05-09

cool.. .

Darcy777 (author)2010-12-24

One of my ears was clogged with ear wax when I was a child. Gross, and embarrassing. The doctor softened the wax with a warm water and peroxide mixture. He was impatient and didn't allow the wax to soften enough and pulled the still 'attatched' wax ball ouf of my ear with a tweezers. I about fainted with sharp pain and dizziness. I'm pretty much just rambling here. If you are suseptable to motion sickness, you might feel dizzy after applying peroxide to your ear. Be sure to be laying down and not sitting with your head tilted side ways, just in case. I haven't had any problems since that one time but if I did, I'd do this and not pay a doctor to do it.

leslie555 (author)2010-12-09

An oral syringe, usually used to give baby medicine can be found at your pharmacy works as well.

RoboticKop (author)2010-11-04

omg ive been yearning for that raw sound ever since my pops would hand pick ear wax from the inner canal when i was a child. He used an asian ear picker thing, it felt fricken amazing and i heard things much clearer. He did it for my brother and sister as well. There's weren't as large as mine, if you put theirs together it still wouldn't be as big as mine O_O. I'm the youngest...OMG can't wait ^_^

RoboticKop (author)RoboticKop2010-11-04

my ears are so fricken itchy after reading this...Must bUy Hydrogen Peroxide MEow!

Nemesis201077 (author)2010-10-14

Found this on Ebay for £0.99 + £1.98 postage. Is this the correct type of peroxide? I don't wanna get it wrong and do any damage.

Screamo (author)2010-09-25


tfrost1980 (author)2010-08-17

My mom taught me this long ago, feels great but it can cause pain if the peroxide gets in too deep and it will bleach hair if you aren't careful

terryb (author)2010-07-20

This stuff can damage your ears by drying them out too much.

AgentVance (author)2010-07-12

I've done this all my life... when I was little I thought that that's what peroxide was for.

rogue299 (author)AgentVance2010-07-15

I also have ears that produce massive amounts of ear wax. Had a Doc recoment this when I was in the Navy and have never had a problem since.

BrokeTheInterweb (author)2010-07-08

I suppose it's not a good thing that I could feel it in my throat by the second ear... Worked great for the left ear though!

courtney (author)2010-06-16

as someone who had their eardrum burned by molten wax, I highly recommend NOT using ear candles. I had some sort of feeling that it worked the first few times I did it, but after having to go to the ER to have the hardened bees wax from the candle removed from my eardrum, I did a lot of research and even tested it on my own. i came to the conclusion the feeling I had gotten before was not a result of wax being "sucked out" and the deposit of wax at the end of the cone, is from the candle itself no the ear.

bonecholampworks (author)2010-06-16

I've done this, it works, but it can only really dry out your ear canal, which can cause more problems...(on a person by person basis) Anyone here ever tried Ear Candling? (of course, as with everything else, there are those that swear by it, and those that don't - inclusive of Medical Practicioners, whom we all know are NOT always correct in their opinions.) Regardless, we've had much success with it. My 82 year old father was pretty much deaf on the left side. His wax buildup was so bad, it would clog his hearing aid. We "candled" him once - and he no longer needs the hearing aid... My daughter suffered from ear infections for years. Even though our Dr. claimed candling would do no good, within two weeks of the first candling, her ear infections subsided. Because we were unsure, we left things as they were, and three months later, the infections recurred. Another candling remedied the problem. (be sure to buy quality candles, if you're going to try this - educate yourself & be certain you are doing the process properly. There's alot of info on the web) Just a though!

paise (author)2010-05-30

My husband and youngest daughter somehow create more earwax than the average person and both tend to get swimmer's ear often. I cannot count the number of times I have had to go with them to the doc to have him remove wax that has hardened to the point where it is sitting on the ear drum where nobody should ever attempt to remove it because it can literally damage the eardrum.

His doc and our pediatrician has given us both instructions similar to yours but without all the spa treatment additions regarding adding pure peroxide like you buy at the pharmacy in each of their ears for approximately 3 to 5 minutes each then allowing it to drain out with the head turned sideways where gravity can work. We can use a bulb syringe but ONLY after sterilization of the bulb and only after using sterilized water so as to flush out any wax that did not come out on its own.

We use NO alcohol or anything else. Plain peroxide and then sterile water with sterile bulb syringe as needed.

I can say that it has been a long time since either of them have had to have that prodding tweezer set  down their ears or an ear infection so we must be doing something right. Now there is just swimmers ear to deal with now that it's almost summer.

Grimarr (author)paise2010-06-14

This is what I had to do off and on many times in the past, and even then I sometimes wound up in the doc's office getting warm water jetted into my ears. No more however, now that I have discovered viking ear spoons. I can't recommend anyone stick things in their ears, but ear spoons really do work so well for me.

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