Step 2: SPA TIME

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Get yourself in the mood.... light some nice smelling candles! I would say play music, but chances are that you won't be able to hear it.

Have a friend fill the cap with peroxide... or just fill a clean dropper yourself if you're alone.  *OH YEAH BABY, ALONE*

You may want to place a towel where you plan on laying your head. And you certainly will want a paper towel in hand during the process.

Now, lay comfortably on your side and fill up the ear canal with peroxide. Close your eyes and enjoy. You must close your eyes to get the full effect! Your ear will become a hot tub of bubbles!

TIP: You can pull on your on your ear lobe to help fill the whole ear canal.


1) Expect it to feel cold at first.

2) Expect it to bubble rapidly

3) Expect to feel euphoric because of the inner ear magic going on.

4) And count on finding yourself submerged in bliss.
AgentVance5 years ago
I've done this all my life... when I was little I thought that that's what peroxide was for.
Delaney5 years ago
I tried this 10 minutes ago because one ear was bugging me. used the siphon method, then into the ear. bubble... bubble... bubble hardly anything used a Q-tip then again H2O2... bubble... bubble... bubble... so I tried the other ear. fizz, pop, bubble, pop, fizz like non stop for like 20 minutes... that ear feels great now... too bad it wasn't the one that was bugging me :(
got2bskilled (author)  Delaney5 years ago
You might want to have the offending ear irrigated by a doctor. They will shoot pressurized water into it.... and what ever is plugging that ear will be gone. Best wishes for happy ears!
madworm5 years ago
This is just INSANE (in the mad brain)...

If you just want the bubbling, use baking soda and some lemon/fruit juice or those fizzling vitamin drink pills.

20% H2O2 burns like hell when killing germs on my hands, I just don't want to think about having this stuff in my ears. Even if it's just 3%.

People should check for holes in their ear drums first, or this stuff will go in much deeper. Makes me think of a Darwin Award, at least a honorable mention.
Thur madworm5 years ago
As long as your ears are intact it's completely safe. My doctors recommended this same treatment as a way of maintaining proper ear hygiene.

It's perfectly safe, but it never hurts to consult a doctor before trying things like this.
Meragness5 years ago
oohhhh man i just did it, that was really cool! and loud
i used 3% i wish i had done this when i had an ear infetion!
ZaidLuniK5 years ago

I got the same advice from my doctor and i was afraid to try , but now that i actually see you doing it i will try ( lol )

misko30005 years ago
I am going to try this when I get home, thank you.

Completely unrelated: You have pretty eyes.