When the bubbles slow down significantly, you can sit up and drain with a paper towel.

TIP: Folks from the Instructables community suggest a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the ear to   
remove remaining moisture. Some even suggest a 50/50 mix with the peroxide. I have never tried
this... just thought I would put it out there

Now you can hear the Johova's Witnesses before they get to your street!  

Please feel free to give feedback.  I wish happy ears for all!  And if you dig it- VOTE :-)

**This Instructable is dedicated to my OCD friends with very clean ears, Eric and Charlotte~ Enjoy
ceealice1 year ago
I have used this many times for swimmers ear !
leslie5554 years ago
An oral syringe, usually used to give baby medicine can be found at your pharmacy works as well.
RoboticKop4 years ago
omg ive been yearning for that raw sound ever since my pops would hand pick ear wax from the inner canal when i was a child. He used an asian ear picker thing, it felt fricken amazing and i heard things much clearer. He did it for my brother and sister as well. There's weren't as large as mine, if you put theirs together it still wouldn't be as big as mine O_O. I'm the youngest...OMG can't wait ^_^
I suppose it's not a good thing that I could feel it in my throat by the second ear... Worked great for the left ear though!
I've been doing this for years because the feel (or even the thought) of a dry q-tip in my ear makes me cringe.  I will usually finish up with a q-tip soaked in peroxide to clean up the outer ear canal.
omegpirate5 years ago
hmm what does it mean if it doesnt bubble?
got2bskilled (author)  omegpirate5 years ago
There are a few people on here that believe it has something to do with the presence of catalase..... or for you the non-presence. 

I am going to crack open my A&P/cell structure and funtion text books to see what the skinny is....  if I can even find it. 

Should I find something, I will certainly add a comment.

actually i ended up using a q-tip and my ear was a little blocked tried it again and sweet fizzy bliss lol
dyanii5 years ago
Another tip is to plug your ear once you pour the stuff in, then shake your head around to make it get in all the little places in your ear.
L9OBL5 years ago
lol My ear doctor is constantly bugging me to clean my inner ears (I keep the outside clean so it doesn't look gross) but the thing is when I clean my inner ear (i use mineral oil but this peroxide way works better) I have to wear ear plugs untill my ear canals get plugged again as everything is too loud. (my hearing is still better than most peoples when my ears are plugged.) and it can take months to get back to a comfotable state. I know it's a tad gross but you can only see that they're dirty when you look inside with the ear scope thing other than that you can't tell. but thanks i'll use this when the doc convinces me to clean em
carolinc5 years ago
If you don't have a dropper, another alternative is to cut a straw in half and siphon the h202 (the shorter straw allows for better handling).  Quickly use your finger to plug the opening from where you siphoned it and you're set. Don't release that finger until you are in the right position to use it.  

I never had my ear cleaned before, but I will definitely try this! thanks! 
ltripp5 years ago
When my daughter was young she was like a mermaid, liked to be in the water and was/is an excellent swimmer.  Unfortunatlely,  she would get swimmer's ear but, fortunately, I found that a few drops in each ear of 50/50 mix of alcohol and peroxide kept her from ever having it again.  Simple, inexpensive, and worked. How great is that?
Asmodeous5 years ago
thats hot
I just tried this, and my ear feels AMAZING. Thank you so much!
got2bskilled (author)  boristherussian5 years ago
Your Welcome!
JCoffey5 years ago
As an ex JW, I must warn you, they wear quieter shoes these days, haha

Uh oh.
timsbro20005 years ago
thank you, I had thought about buying an actual ear cleaning kit, but I have all of this stuff on hand