This is a cute pair of earrings I made using beer cAps. 
They are easy to make and recycled, so they are a nice low budget present too.


You need:
 -2 beer caps,
 -ear hoops,
 -jump rings,
 -thin wire.

 -flat pliers,
 -round pliers,
 -wire cutter,
 -sanding paper,
 -rubber and iron hammer(not in photo),

Not every beer cups are suitable for this kind of work, so you may have to drink few beers before you find the right kind....
If you are in Italy the better one I found were from the beer Forst: they have a nice color, they are a tiny bit bigger than the others and mostly the gummy white part on the behind come off really easy. Also they are green, and if you let few spot of color on them they look really cool.

Really nice idea. Clear steps to follow. Thank you.
oh....very pretty indeed :-) ?
Thanks a lot!
Good idea! Thanks for sharing a way to recycle something to make a very attractive piece of jewelry.
Thanks for the nice comment!

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