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I love Fall and all of the beautiful colors that it brings!

I wanted to create something that would bring those colors inside, so I came up with this fall garland, made with stiffened burlap leaves. It accomplishes everything I had hoped, and was super easy to make!

I purchased burlap from Hobby Lobby in the following colors:

Red, Rust, Orange, Yellow, Cream, Pea Green, Dark Green

Step 1: Cut Burlap Leaves

Using fabric scissors, cut as many leaves from your burlap as you like.

I prefer using stiffened burlap for this project as it helps prevent the edges from fraying excessively.

Step 2: Stitch Leaves Together

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Stitch leaves together with embroidery thread.

That's it! SUPER easy and makes a beautiful simple fall leaf banner or table runner.

Watch the video to view the entire process, and feel free to visit our blog for the free leaf pattern and instructions on how to stiffen burlap!

Happy Fall y'all!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-09-29

Cute decoration!

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