This is a tutorial for a 4'x4' raised garden bed on casters for use on a deck or patio.  It can be done in a day for under 100 bucks.

This tutorial can be used  to build two versions of 4’x4’ raised planter beds on casters, one is 18” high and the other is 30” high.  But you can adjust your lumber lengths and do whatever size you need.


For the 18” high planter bed:


21  2x6’s 4’ long*

2    2x4’s 41” long*

4    4x4’s 24”long*

Other materials:

2 1/2” galvanized screws

4 industrial strength casters**


Drill bit for drilling pilot holes

Phillips head bit tip

Tape measure


For the 30” high planter bed:

Same as the 18” except you will need 29 of the 4’ 2x6’s and the 4x4’s need to be 36” long

*Note on the lumber: Most resources on the web will tell you to use Cedar or Redwood for outdoor projects, as they are less prone to rot.  I asked my woodworking instructor about this and he is not convinced that they are much better than Douglas Fir, so that is what I used.  Mine don’t have to last a lifetime, you can decide for yourself what to use according to your needs.

**Note on the casters: The wood and dirt are going to really add up weight-wise and you will need casters that have at least 250 lb load capability each.  These can be very pricey, but I found a great deal and exceptional customer service at SES casters.

Step 1:

Picture of
First, place 2 of the 4x4’s on the ground, 4 ft apart and place a 2x6 across them, like so:
benhusmann made it!1 year ago

I made this - only took a few hours and it was easy enough for my sons to help. Haven't filled it up yet but i have a feeling it's going to be great. I did add washers for the caster screws.

Few Bits (author)  benhusmann1 year ago
Looks great! Great idea adding washers on the caster screws. Thank you for posting the pic, I love to see what others have done!
metqa2 years ago
Those castors are the size of a full grown human's hand! They are gonna hold up just fine. I have a suggestion about the attachment of the castors. I'm pretty sure that just the screw are enough, but I get paranoid, and I wonder if you though adding some sort of washer might give it added security that the screwheads wouldn't slip out over time. Or am I just being too paranoid?
I love the idea of a garden on wheels. You could add a pull string to it and haul it down the street to sell your "fresh from the garden" vegetables. LOL
Few Bits (author)  metqa2 years ago
HA! That's a good suggestion about the washer. Hey, it couldn't hurt, right? Thanks, metqa.
diy_bloke2 years ago
beautiful, but those seem like flimsy wheel sto carry that box filled with earth
Few Bits (author)  diy_bloke2 years ago
As I said in the notes, I ordered industrial casters from SES casters. I got the Medium Duty that have 300lb load cap each. I have moved the beds a lot (to get better sun) and they have held up just fine.
Thanks, I must have missed that :-)
sunshiine3 years ago
Nice build! I think this would qualify for the Summer water challenge! It is a way to get more views so people can see how this is made! Too good to not get the attention it deserves! Please think about entering! So beautiful! Sunshiine
sunshiine3 years ago
I will share this with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!
tr2n3 years ago
Your planters look great.
We made similar from left over decking without castors and then made a tall,narrow,deeper version for my whirlygig as i dont have a grassy area for my washing to hang.
We used castors and put dirt in it(to give it a wee bit of weight)and planted small flowers.
multi purpose planter.lol
Few Bits (author)  tr2n3 years ago
Thanks! I love that multi-pupose planter and would love to see a photo!
tr2n Few Bits3 years ago
Here is a photo of my multi-purpose planter.
I also use it for a parasol in the rare event that we get sunshine in Scotland.lol.
Few Bits (author)  tr2n3 years ago
I love it! So clever.
Such a great idea to add casters. I always wish my plant pots had casters!
Few Bits (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks, Jessyratfink! I have another wooden planter with a blueberry bush in it that I attached casters to...makes it much easier to move them around for cleaning.