EASY Glass Bottle Plant Holder!





Introduction: EASY Glass Bottle Plant Holder!

I had some seeds for bean plants and a glass soda bottle sitting around, so I put them together to make this Instructable!

This project only takes 5 - 10 minutes, as long as you have all of the supplies. If you don't have an empty soda bottle, then this is a great excuse to drink one! Mine came from a root beer bottle.

If you enjoy this instructable, then please vote for it in any (or all!) of the contests I have entered it in. It makes me very happy when people show me that they enjoy what I do, and it encourages me to make more instructables in the future. Plus, it is free for you!

Step 1: Gather All Materials

You don't need much for this project.

All you need is:

- A bottle (I used a glass one because they look nice)

- Seeds for your plant

- Soil

I used bean plant because they grow straight, and they would be best for a bottle that is this narrow.

Step 2: Clean Your Bottle

You need to clean your bottle thoroughly to make sure that no germs or ants make it their new home. I just used soapy water, then rinsed the bubbles out afterwards. You don't need to dry the inside, because the soil will absorb the water anyways.

Step 3: Fill the Bottle With Soil

Filling the bottle was slightly difficult, but it can be done. Using a funnel, or rolled up paper, you can slowly fill the bottle until it is about 3/4 of the way filled. When you add water later, the soil will compress and there will be room in the bottle. Be sure not to flood the soil with water. Just fill it until the soil is damp, and water doesn't pool at the surface.

Step 4: Plant Your Plant

For this step, all you have to do is drop the seed in the center of the soil, and use a pencil or anything similar to push it into the soil. I only pushed it down about 1 inch, but the package for your seeds should tell you how deep to plant it.

Step 5: Waiting...

This is the hardest step. Leave the bottle in a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight, and just wait. The plant should start to grow in about 5-7 days. When the plant starts to grow, make sure that it is growing out of the top of the bottle, and don't leave the cap on or the plant will die.

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Step 6: Conclusion

Thank you for reading through the whole instructable! If you enjoyed it, please favorite it, or vote for it in any contests it may be entered in. I would greatly appreciate it. If you make your own bottle plant using these instructions, please let me know by clicking the "I made it" button.

Thank you!

Step 7: Epilog Contest VII

If I win the laser cutter, I would be very thrilled, since it would allow me to make my projects much more professional. I would be able to build with new materials that I couldn't use before, like acrylic, or other plastics. I would also be able to add a new level of creativity to my instructables by using it in new projects. Winning the contest would mean a lot to me, and I would be super excited if I won.

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    Did the plant grow? Picture please!

    I just posted this instructable when it was planted. I will update the instructable when it sprouts. Thank you!

    good idea.i was wondering if thats real clock or photo shop thats awesom if its real what kind is it..thank you for sharing

    I'm glad that you enjoyed this instructable! This picture is photoshopped, but I agree, it looks cool.