INEXPENSIVE, SIMPLE, FAST, KID FRIENDLY & AWESOME RESULTS are some of the words that come to mind about THIS project!

After all the decorations have been put away for another year, the house seems a little bare and empty.  Here's a project that brings the cold, snowy winter weather inside and helps decorate the house through January and February!  

Step 1: Simple Supply List (You Probably Have Everything Already!)

If you do any crafting you probably have all you need to complete this simple project.

POLYESTER BATTING- scraps and pieces work wonderful.
THREAD- to tack the batting
AEROSOL SPRAY GLUE- works best as it does not absorb into the fibers.
EPSOM SALTS- used for soaking feet and sore muscles, can be found in the health care department.
GLITTER- optional 

PINECONES- any size, any shape will do. 
WHITE GLUE- any type & we will be watering it down for easy application.
OLD SMALL PAINTBRUSH- for applying the glue
EPSOM SALTS-  used for soaking feet and sore muscles, can be found in the health care department.
GLITTER- optional
PAPER- to catch the extra granules or you may choose to use a plastic bag to shake the pinecones and snowballs in

<p>Congratulations on taking first prize in the snow contest! very cool idea!</p>
<p>Great combination of natural materials and natural creativity! Very festive and 'wintery'...got my vote.</p>
Thank You!! It's always great to hear positive comments! I appreciate you taking time to check it out, send me feedback and your VOTE!! Have a wonderful day :0)
<p>such a cool technique for making snowballs! awesome idea.. voted :)</p>
Thank you !!<br>
<p>fabulous idea! would definitely make the house look more like a winter wonderland! props!</p>
Thank you for the nice comment. Hope you give it a try, it does make the house feel a little more cozy!

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