Introduction: EASY Kinect 3D Scanner!

Hey Instructables community! 

In this instructable I will instruct you how to make a DIY 3d scanner using an XBOX-360 Kinect! This instructable is very easy as long as you are patient and follow my instructions in the video. Also, I explain how to correct and fix your image for a nice clean print on a 3D printer such as the UP. The best part, the project is free as long as you have a kinect.

The links for the downloads from the video:
GPU update from Nvidia:
inect software download from reconstrucme:
Netfabb cloud STL repair:

I am entering this contest to help others learn how to easily 3D scan items or people using the Kinect. When I first tried to accomplish this, I spent DAYS trying to figure out how to install the software and run it correctly. So, I created this instructable to easily show someone how to install the software correctly without error. Also, I am 14 years old saving up money for a 3D printer. I have been a maker / hacker since I was little and I have been dreaming of owning a 3D printer for YEARS! Please vote for me to help make my dream come true.

God bless.


famfilho (author)2016-09-18

Hello Toddie123, I'm looking to build my own scan using your DYI, but I wonder if I could use the Kinetic MS Xbox one Sensor in place of the Kinetic 360 Sensor. You can??

If so, what are the advantages of I use it?


Have a nice week!

luftbuefel (author)famfilho2017-03-27

I hear you can use the XBox One Kinect but that you may need an additional adapter. I have heard nothing about it being better than using the 360 version though.

mindwave (author)2017-02-10

anyone know why I get the error "youre not allowed to see this" when I try and download? My membership is current....

rfitzgerald (author)2016-08-18

The video is probably blocked in several countries because of the background music being copyrighted.
Some suggestions from the video (I'm a IT technician), don't worry about doing the graphics driver update through device manager, just checking the nvidia website would override the first update check anyway. In most cases the driver already installed on most people's computers would do the job even if it's out of date. Also, the nvidia GPU isn't a firm requirement as it will work with any make and model of GPU that supports OpenCL.
That's just some suggestions anyway which would cut down the time needed to accomplish the project :)
I will soon be completing this project myself so when I get around to it I will post my experiences in the comments

NorToTheWood (author)2016-05-03

I tried getting the video, says it's blocked because of copyright issues. Can you repost? Thanks!

ferqui2140 (author)2016-04-23

Good luck !

and the force ist with you !

guga.casari (author)2015-05-01

would you have this video somewhere else (Youtube)? For some reason i cannot access it from Brazil...

HENRIQUENETO (author)guga.casari2016-01-04

Experimente instalar o tor browser para acessar.

AdamI1 (author)2015-10-02

Hi, I was wondering, how good is the resolution on a scan with kinect 2?

Seen on the net that it has 0,051 mm so 51 microns. Is that true in ur opinion?

xcwiz187 (author)2015-03-15

Hi Toddie:
Regarding Scanners, loks like the Artec Eva and Spider are the best scanners out there but are very overpriced at round $15,000 each.
Seems like a close second and at a fraction of the cost ($200) is the MS Kinect v2 for Windows (Kv2W) scanner.
To perform a full body scan in under 30 seconds, it would be great if someone who's reading this blog could to write an API to simultaneously scan with two Kv2W scanners using as an example Artec Studio 9, or MS 3D builder.
An API for 3D builder is probably easier to write for since MS is giving both the program and the SDK free. One thing I must say about 3D builder that I don 't like is that they limit the 3D printers you can print to.
Any comments to the community that you would like to share I'm sure I'll be appreciated .

mustbme (author)2015-01-21

Thanks to original poster. Video without background music that got in removed from youtube.

bamseline (author)2014-10-17

Video no longer available?

JoshuaJ (author)2014-09-28

I have a Davinvi 3d printer, I am 15 years old and wanting to sell it. It's in great condition and works great, but I want to upgrade. Shoot me an email at if anyone is interested

gizmos`ng (author)2014-09-25

i hope you get the 3d printer you deserve

ChristianK1 (author)2014-08-30

Excellent instructions. Thank you for sharing! I'm wondering if this also works for other graphics other than Nvidia? Thanks again for your help.

edee3 (author)2014-05-26

Hi toddie good job little man.. very impressive work, excellent instructions and video editing.

Hope you get the best 3D printer out there, you totally deserve it. GOD bless!!

streetlordz2011 (author)2014-04-11

hi toodles123,

i used the artec studio 9.2 software. it provides a 15 day trial. it is very good for scanning people as well as objects.
any possibility of you providing a cracked version of the same?
coz i woudnt be able to afford the paid version.

another software i found was shapify. it is simply excellent for making selfie 3d models. but that can only be printed through shapify.

is there a chance i could get a cracked version of artec studio 9.2? that would solve everythingg..... :)

streetlordz2011 (author)2014-02-04

i followed your instructions but then i came through a problem..
when i open reconstruct me it says
any suggestions on how i can tackle this?

Hi streetlordz2011,

I am going to create an instructable in a couple of weeks as ReconstructMe has made their software pay ware and their free version crap. So I am going to find another way to 3d scan. STAY TUNED!!!

Hi toodles123

any updates on ur work for a replacement to this?

i tried myself aswell but nothing worked to satisfactory levels.

george92 (author)2014-03-30

hi, anyone have idea about some literature with topics of 3D scan?

MovieMaker (author)2014-03-08

hi, I tried this procedure many times and it would not work for me. Have you got a copy of any of the old versions of reconstruct me? we can just use the old ones. I agree. The unpaid versions are crap. I am retired and on fixed income. I don't have the pleasure of spending money like I used to when I was working. You did a fine job on this tutorial.

dsmjunkie (author)2014-02-09

can anyone help me to get my 360 Kinect to work..i bought a new laptop..just to use with my 3d printer..for the life of me I can not get it to work

toddie123 (author)dsmjunkie2014-02-23

Hi dsmjunkie- I am currently working out a new way to get the scanner to work as the software has changed since this instruct able was made. Stay tuned and i should have a instruct able soon.

Toodie 123,
Do try the softwares skanect and scenect. They are good.

streetlordz2011 (author)2014-02-04

i followed all your instructions but then i get an error of sensor update failed.
any possible solution to my problem??

mortenholck (author)2014-01-20

Very nice young man !

menglor (author)2013-11-04

So I watched this video, and I am thinking this is one heck of a scanner. Thanks tons. But I would like to pick your brain since your further into the "Scanning Scene" then me.

Have you looked into any solution for scanning smaller items? like 1" x 1" x 1"or smaller? what have you found. what do you recommend for the DIY,

I guess this goes out to anyone. This is great for scanning dull size peeps. but what if you want to scan an Action figure?

nesikachad (author)2013-09-29


Young man first I want to say thanks for posting this up. Very cool. I own a firearms manufacturing compamy and your tutorial helped me scan rifle stocks made by someone else so that I can machine them from wood (or make a mold for composites) using multi axis cnc machining centers. Its a nut ive tried to crack off and on for a few years now.

Very cool and again thank you.

Chad Dixon
Longrifles, Inc.

haqbany (author)2013-09-20

Thank you for sharing. :-)

astral_mage (author)2013-09-14

well then go check out then look at the directory its a good place to start looking

Paulbacca (author)2013-09-13

This is a great instructable! Thanks for sharing. :-)

JoLoveN (author)2013-09-11

I clicked favorites for this, but it doesn't give me an option to vote for any contests. I'll vote if I can figure out how to. & I'd love a 3d printer too. My daughter would go bonkers for 1. ;-)

toddie123 (author)JoLoveN2013-09-11

Hi wjustus1, unfortunately the contest has ended :(.

3ddd (author)2013-09-10

Nice job toddie! But I'm still having trouble initializing the Kinect sensor. Although your first step was to remove all the Kinect drivers, reconstructme says the drivers must be installed. I've tried both ways and get the same result. Can you clarify or make suggestions?

ToryDidIT (author)2013-03-21

Congratulations on DOING something for your self !
I just bought the MakerBot 2x replicator.
i have not even recived it yet and I'm searching how to do 3d scans and find your post
you impress me ! I have been an inventor my whole life and have always wanted to make my own lego's so I am finally able to ! Yea !
I will help you print something if you want to try it out. I live in MN but you could email me a design and we can print it.

Good luck on the contest, (i don't know if its over)

toddie123 (author)ToryDidIT2013-03-24

Thank you very much for the comment and complements! Using the kinect 3d scanner it can be hard to scan little Lego pieces although, there was a project done that used a pair if cheap reading glasses to scan smaller items but since the software is open source, you have to modify the code :(. I need all the votes I can get so if you are willing to help, please share my instructable and vote for me to help me pursue my making carrier. On a side note; there is a good book to read called "Makers". It's about how inventors are becoming entrepreneurs through the revolution of 3-D printing. Thanks again!

ssgsteiner (author)toddie1232013-09-08

great instructable .I have an adapter for my Kinect for small rooms, snaps on to the face of the Kinect. that may help the quality on large items but think you would need to reverse the lens for small items.

toddie123 (author)ssgsteiner2013-09-09

Hi ssgsteiner! I am looking into those meathods as my original intentions were to scan smaller items. I gues the adaptor may work but if your cheap like I am, you can get cheater glasses at a dollar store. One drawback is that you have to manually calibrate it. When I figure that out I will post an instructable. Thanks!

eblackman1 (author)2013-09-08

props kid.

russellbrown (author)2013-09-07

Excellent tutorial, very concise and well done!

toddie123 (author)russellbrown2013-09-08

Thank You!

Halphinian (author)2013-09-07

can it scan a 360 degrees object, or just scan the front of something?

toddie123 (author)Halphinian2013-09-08

HI Ouranos! Yes it can scan in 360 degrees. If you watch the whole video you see that I turn but the rear of my body was cut off. I am unsure why that happened but that only happened once. So yes it can scan 360 degreese

awent0428 (author)2013-09-06

I might try it. Good luck on the contest and getting a 3d printer! :)

toddie123 (author)2013-08-25

They both have their pros and cons. I laser scanner is usually better for medium to smaller items as it gathers much more detail but with bigger items, it may have a harder time doing. the kinect is great for bigger items but has a hard time with smaller items.

woomyse (author)2013-07-31

Toddie123; Thank you for the ible. Playing with this on the weekend! I would love a 3D printer too!

kkeras (author)2013-04-11

You might want to learn about crowd funding as a means to raising funds for your printer. Take a look at


steampunk68 (author)2013-04-03

You say you want a 3d printer google a6 lt 3d printer cheapest I have found and am waiting for it to arrive its a PLA printer looks good :)
Thanks for this post it's wikid :)

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