now, i would like to show you how to turn your own launchpad into a ISP with only 4 wires!!!
this is my first time to post  instruction, I am a senior high student,
sorry for my poor grammar.

in the example i use MSP430G2231, but you can replace it with any 430 families chip, whether 14pins or 20pins

Need list:

1. only 4 dupont wires (with one side male and other side female)
2.launchpad breadboard

Step 1:

connect them like followings, this example is 14pins chip

 Vcc <---> pin1

 GND <---> pin14

 TEST <---> pin11

 RST <---> pin10

if your chip is 20pins, you can do like this

Vcc <---> pin1

GND <---> pin20

TEST <---> pin17

RST <---> pin16

Step 2:

if previous picture is not clear, maybe this can help you,

Step 3:

at last, you can upload your program by Energia or CCS something else

and it done!!

hope you enjoy~~~

and you must want to know how to make your MSP430 IC work independently(without launchpad board)
<p>what is an ISP?</p>
<p>In-System Programmer: </p><p>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-system_programming</p>
<p>ISP is In-circuit Serial Programming/Programmer :D</p>

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