Introduction: EASY Mini Paper Puppet

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Step 1: Materials

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All you really need is a notecard/printer paper. Works with both.

Step 2: The Beggining

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Here, you just need to make a paper boat with either the notecard or the paper. If you have no idea how to make a paper boat, continue. I you already know, then skip to the final step.

Step 3: To Make the Paper Boat1

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Fold the paper hamburger style. Then, fold in the middle and fold the upper left and right corners to the middle crease. Finally, fold the remaining flaps up.

Step 4: Folding2

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Pull the slit in the middle outwards and fold. Then, fold the remaining flaps upwards. Next, pull the slit outwards like before and fold. Finally, pull each side outwards and you got our paper boat.

Step 5: The Puppet.

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Get the flap in the boat and tuck it in in either side. Finally, close the boat like so and you will get a mini puppet!!! To use it, get your index and your thumb in each of the tips. Then open and close!!


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