Picture of ECG Necktie
project goals
to create a circuit-connected necktie
containing a light up heart which can
blink based on a wearer’s input. The
input can either be based on detecting
a subject’s heart-rate or can be based
on bending a flex sensor.

Step 1: Materials and Sensor Set-up

Picture of Materials and Sensor Set-up
xenomorph150 made it!1 year ago

I just made the project, without the flexbar. I think this project requires serious adjustment, especially in the

int heartMod = map(analogRead(heartSig), 650,700, 0, 1024); //read signal and map

while(heartMod > 40) { //if the signal is greater than the mean (with error)

Areas. My Values came from 650 - 800 and I had to adjust the while (heartMod > 600). But I doubt that this was intended by the author. Maybe I did something wrong.

2014-03-10 19.12.04.jpg

Cool project.

Just a question: Is there a way to drive this project directly with 5V or 3.3V? So that you only need one voltage? Would be a lot easier to provide one voltage via one step up / down generator while "on the run" :).

xboxone3 years ago
Hey, thanks so much for sharing this, I'm a complete n00b to Arduino and electronics in general, I think I have most of the circuit figured out but I'm still unsure of what "U1A" and "U3A" stand for, could you please clarify that? Also, I could only find "AD623ANZ" (http://www.newark.com/analog-devices/ad623anz/ic-instrument-amp-800khz-110db/dp/59K4402?Ntt=ad623an) and "LMC6484AIN/NOPB" (http://www.newark.com/national-semiconductor/lmc6484ain-nopb/ic-op-amp-1-5mhz-1-3v-%C2%B5s-dip-14/dp/41K2665), would those be ok? Thanks again!
fortueni4 years ago
Very simple & easy, Thank Your for taking the time =)
it looks great.
I´ll post pictures when I finish it.
zazenergy4 years ago
Great! You may want to check out Heart Spark. It also detects your heart rate but has a custom PCB in the heart. 
zazenergy4 years ago
This looks like an AWESOME project. One problem is that I can't read the Arduino code at all. Can you retype that, or make the picture bigger? This looks like a lot of fun!
iheartqwerty (author)  zazenergy4 years ago

Code now included as text.

Also if you click the 'i' in the upper left corner of any picture you can choose to view it as its original size by clicking 'original' on the left hand side!