I call this one the hi-tec/lo-tec technique as it is dependant on a hi-tec object, in order to achieve a lo-tec result.
Take your digital camera or cell phone and switch it on to picture mode. Holde the screen up to one of your eyes while keeping both your eyes open. Focus on what the uncovered eye is seeing. You should be able to see more clearly.
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Ian014 years ago
Step 10 appears to have become its own instructable. I faved it long ago and just clicked it from my faves list, coming directly to step 10 with no sign of the other steps.
how long does the sugar take to get nightvision
aprox. 15 mins. (im diabetic so i know) although you could mix sugar with alchohol, whitch turns to sugar instantly in your blood
how long does it last
its different for every1......
stopanator5 years ago
whats the black thing for
conundrum7 years ago
I still want to know why some people (myself included) have near perfect night vision but others cant see a thing. Any ideas? If its any help I can actually see the near-red glow from IR LED's, maybe this has something to do with it.. lol -A
I've also heard it has something to do with the color of your eyes.
I suggest you read the booklet; The SAS Endurance handbook it talks more indepth about NNV
There are people that can't see the near-red glow of IR Leds? No, I am pretty sure that someone would have to be nearly blind not to see it. And the variance in night vision has to do with blood sugar regulation and also the clarity of the fluid in your eyeballs. There are many diseases that affect night vision.
-Aj-6 years ago
not true, carrots provide a natural source of beta carotene which can aid vision. so if you have deficiencies in carotene eating carrots would help. lutein is excellent for improving eyesight and found in decent concentrations in bilberries. which is why ww2 british pilots were recommended to eat bilberry jam
zimmemic25 -Aj-6 years ago
beta carotine does help, but not when you eat then in the situation when you hav 2 see in dark. cause it doesnt improve your night vision, but it is used to regenerate these chemical receptors whose name i always forget...
-Aj- zimmemic256 years ago
ah ok, so its helps repair the receptor cells. so basically it will help maintain your already good eyesight but it wont improve it beyond what it is normally. ok
i work alot at school in a photo darkroom, its not complete darkness but still, we have red lights on, every time i go back to the room i close my eyes for a few seconds before i go through the rotating door and have them still closed for a few seconds once i get back there. working in a room with only red lights on i have gotten better at seeing in the dark. and now my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. i'm just wondering something, the darkroom if you turn out the red lights its 100% pitch black, no light what so ever, i have been back there with the light off before for about 20 min and my eyes never adjusted still couldn't see anything, is there a way to see with no light at all?
no. you need light to see. there are some nightvidion devices/glasses with which you can see in 100% darkness, but they use an IR-sensitive camera to get the light from warm objects or IR-LEDs. these are used by some police/army troops, when they have to see in darkness, but cant use flashlights because they dont want to be seen (and possibly attacked).
yuckzee6 years ago
exelent idea, also if you use the instructable on how to turn you phone into night vision...
there was a mythbusters episode where they were testing pirate based myths, and the eyepatch one was one of them. It was actually true, and an eyepatch more than doubles your night vision, if that makes sense
I can vouch for that. It also gives everything a slight red tinge. -Pirate of the FSM Order
also if you have a ton of money you can go get a nite vision camera but i would prefer heat vision
gamerguy3146 years ago
Great instructable. I gotta try this tonight :D
Noodle937 years ago
You should use a red filter. The human eyes are least sensitive to red. (Actually, infrared, but we can't actually see that at all.) Would red cellophane work?
Thank you!
jtobako7 years ago
Individuals are wildly variable in night vision. What I consider reading light my wife considers pitch black.
mikesty jtobako7 years ago
You sir, are quite correct. It gets frustrating when you're reading and someone turns the lights on in the room saying "IT'S TOO DARK IN HERE FOR ANYONE TO READ!"
Ribs mikesty7 years ago
my grand ma says that even when i am sitting outside in the sun!!!
If you're really interested in improving your nightvision, you should check out the September of 2003 Backpacker Magazine article on Night Hiking. Two guy from the Southwest US developed a technique which relies on peripheral vision (higher rod cell density), and is reported to make your night vision as good as your day vision (with some practice).

I've never given it enough time to reap the full benefits, but the little time i did try it worked very well.

For an excerpt from the Backpacker Article go here

and for the webpage these guys published with specific details, go here. I highly recommend it, its seriously cool stuff.

otherwise, good tips!
Vendigroth7 years ago
i've been spending a lot of time insides recently, cos of exams and stuff, and when i step outside, everthing's really BRIIGHT and takes a couple minutes to get used to, but i'm not going anywhere with this....
i heard the pirate way is kinda bad because it blurs your vision maybe if you did it for a week or 2 then it would work but thanks to mythbusters all it did was blur vision
No, the pirate method deffinitely works, I use it every time I need to go to the bathroom at night.
rocketbat rerat7 years ago
just hope the neigbors dont see you walking around your house with the eyepatch, they think your playing pirates!
did you actually watch that MB episode...they totally proved the eyepatch deal....there was EXTREME difference in night vision when using the eyepatch method
i take back what i said before the pirate method works and yes i have seen that episode but i guess i forgot the results
dchall87 years ago
I used to work in a medical research laboratory where night vision was being studied. One of the classes I took while there touched on this topic. At our lunch break one of the students volunteered to wear goggles with a red lens. Remember this was at mid day. Immediately after lunch we had a test in a darkened room. The volunteer took off his red lens goggles and he could see everything in the room. The rest of us could not see much of anything. The point was the red lens was really about all you needed if you were going from bright to dim light. We never talked about it but I would think red lights on car instruments would be a big help.
In one of the James Bond novels (Goldfinger, I think), Bond is out driving at night and plans to switch off his headlights in order to duck off the side of the road and hide in the dark. He pulls a red cellophane wrapper off a box of something and holds it in front of his eyes for a few seconds. When he switches off the headlights his night vision is fairly well adjusted. Something I have found that works somewhat is that if you can transition into the darkness rather than going from bright to dark (even if it's just a 30-second transition) it helps a lot. But I can't go out in sunlight without dark sunglasses, so maybe I'm just more sensitive to light.
Whiternoise7 years ago
Interesting, might be a bit embarrassing when the lights go on though :P
Ben.land1017 years ago
so whats this supposed to do?
this would be really helpful in a military situation, pretty cool instructable.

on a "night vision" note, these laser pointers are cool, if you buy from this link you get a 5% discount btw
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