ECLIPSE, an Upcoming Knex Ball Machine.





Introduction: ECLIPSE, an Upcoming Knex Ball Machine.

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Hello everybody and welcome to my Instructables page,

I am here with a few pictures of wich is probably going to be my biggest and most edvanced Knex ball machine: ECLIPSE. The pictures that you see now is only a part of the machine, because it's only about 65% completed. At this time it hase 2 new separators, 3 different transmissions , 21 new elements and 6 new lifts wich contains a full automatic arm lift that works like a cnc robot. When the machine will be ready it will have about 50,000 pieces. I hope this machine will be ready this summer. I would be super happy if you give me youre vote for this years K'nex and Move IT contest ;).

Thanks for watching!

Thibault Art.



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Yes I will give you credit :^)

are you almost done with this? i cant wait to see some of the new lifts and elemnts

Well, the bad news is that it will probably not be finished this summer. But the good news is that I'm going to make an update to apologize for the delay :).

AWESOME! take all your time, this is going to be worth the wait. I've watched the exception so many times already, and i know that this is going to be even better.

btw in the 4th picture there is your head element shaped like a bunny, can you show some more pictures of it so i can build it for my machine? i don't really need instructions but some close up pictures would be nice

Thanks! Once I start building it continues until the end of the day. But I only build +- 4 days in a week. So maybe I have a lot of free time :). It's true that I allready had most of the pcs, but orders are still being made when really needed. How is it going with your machine?

Ah I see I don't have very much free time which is why I think I take so long to build :) Yh sometimes I don't build for months then I have a couple days free when I can work on it. I see with my ball machine I aimed to have it use around 50,000 pcs but I knew I didn't have nearly enough pcs so I have to wait around a lot when I run out :) My machine is about 50% complete now most of the elements are new and at the moment I think I have enough pcs to last me the summer after that I'll have to order more :)

Thibault, how do you build so fast do you have a set amount of time each day to work on the machine and did you have most of the pieces for this machine already so you didn't have to wait for it to be delivered? Its looking amazing though I can't wait to see it all, I like the sideways version of the zigzag element in the pictures ;)

This is so beautifull, looking forward to see the main video.

Are you going to use all your pieces?

(I saw that in the comments)

Thanks!! Yes, I am planning to put every single piece in it. However there will still be a few pieces that won't fit in the ball machine anymore. But I am going to do my best :). (Sorry for the late response.)