Hello everyone and thank you for viewing my Instructable , 

What I want to share with you today is a project I'v been working on ,
I'll call it the eco orb and eco battery , ok so I didn't put to much thought into the name but that's not important ,
what is a eco orb you ask ,
basically its a fancy  led lite that runs on clean energy ,
here's an Idea of why I can up with this idea , 

I wanted a light that runs on clean and free energy ,
I wanted to make an easy to use battery that runs on water ,
that's reusable without the hassle and mess that come's with it ,
I wanted to make something that could run an led or two without any help from a joule thief ,
so I needed to make a battery that was completely independent  ,
next I needed to make a light for it that looked nicer then a led on a couple of alligator clips ,
so I'm pleased to show you my easy solution to make your own eco orb and battery .  

Step 1: Supply's

OK here's a list of things you need ,

a hardware case with eight compartments , found mine at the dollar store I need the nails anyways ,
eight piece's of three inch solid copper  , hardware store got a foot of ac wire then stripped it , 
one green led , got these on ebay  100 for $ 3 dollars , 
tinfoil  , 
some wire ,
eight nails zinc coated , I used the one that came with the case ,
white ping pong ball . this was free but you can get them at the dollar store , 
total cost to build this is about five dollars to build but I have lots of leftovers from this project , 

tools I used were , 
glue gun , 
screwdriver and  screw ,
hammer for tapping , 

note i'm not responsible if you get hurt always be careful around shape objects and don't run with scissors .
ok let's get started .  

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