Picture of ED EDD 'N' EDDY: How to make Johnny's
I don't know if you've ever seen the show, but in "ed edd 'n' eddy" that strange kid with the bald head, Johnny, carries around his only friend "Plank". Basically, Plank is a plank of wood with a funny face on it. But if you look at all the details in the drawings of him, you could get it just right!!!

Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of what you'll need
you will need:

a plank of wood
a saw
blue paint
red paint
a paintbrush
a pencil
Auzzle25 made it!5 months ago
I made this along time ago before I saw yours and mine turned out good.
MrBaggins1 year ago
fun! easy to do :)
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun :)
CKatulka2 years ago
CKatulka2 years ago
Hmm I thought plank had a hole in hime
Damn it I was in the middle of doing this same instructable.
HPandLOTR (author)  JamesRPatrick2 years ago
Heh heh. Sorry about that.
mobiusbox2 years ago
This is still my favorite cartoon
This is fantastic. I loved that show as a kid! Might have to take a stab at this.
StoryAddict2 years ago
This is fantastic. I have the DVDs (Walgreens randomly had full season sets for dirt cheap a few years back!) and I think I'll make a miniature of this to set next to it.
HPandLOTR (author)  StoryAddict2 years ago
misko132 years ago
What great memories... He was planking before planking was mainstrem ;D Love this emotive instructable, I'm going to make my own one!
lol nice reference +10
Total nostalgia! Watched it everyday,one of my favorites! Buttered toast!
Cute! your plank looks cuter than Johnny's plank!
Kiteman2 years ago

I haven't watched EE&E in an age, this is great!