I don't know if you've ever seen the show, but in "ed edd 'n' eddy" that strange kid with the bald head, Johnny, carries around his only friend "Plank". Basically, Plank is a plank of wood with a funny face on it. But if you look at all the details in the drawings of him, you could get it just right!!!

Step 1: What You'll Need

you will need:

a plank of wood
a saw
blue paint
red paint
a paintbrush
a pencil

Step 2: Little Scratches

this step will make it look really cartoony! Just take a saw and cut diagonally one way and then the other. Your basically cutting out little triangles. Do two on each end of the plank.

Step 3: Make a Face.

Take a pencil and sketch out a quick face on the plank. Try to get it just like Plank's face.

Step 4: Paint Your Eyes.

Use your red paint to paint the eyes but DO NOT paint the pupils red.

Step 5: Paint Your Pupils and Your Mouth.

Now use your blue paint to paint the mouth and the pupils.

Step 6: VOILA!!!

Now you are done! Enjoy your Plank!
<p>Hey, This was a long time ago but what are the dimensions of your plank? depth length and width? In Centimeters if you can. If not, 1 inch is 2.54 cm.</p>
I made this along time ago before I saw yours and mine turned out good.
fun! easy to do :)
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun :)
Hmm I thought plank had a hole in hime
Damn it I was in the middle of doing this same instructable.
Heh heh. Sorry about that.
This is still my favorite cartoon
This is fantastic. I loved that show as a kid! Might have to take a stab at this.
This is fantastic. I have the DVDs (Walgreens randomly had full season sets for dirt cheap a few years back!) and I think I'll make a miniature of this to set next to it.
What great memories... He was planking before planking was mainstrem ;D Love this emotive instructable, I'm going to make my own one!
lol nice reference +10
Total nostalgia! Watched it everyday,one of my favorites! Buttered toast!
Cute! your plank looks cuter than Johnny's plank!
Yey! <br> <br>I haven't watched EE&amp;E in an age, this is great!

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