Introduction: EDC for the Average Joe

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EDC (every day carry), is basically what you carry on your person everyday. You can carry as much or as little as you want. Here is my list of what I think you should carry on your person.

Step 1: Multitool

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I think a multitool is one of the most important things you can carry. They have millions of uses, from tightening bolts to sawing through trees, I use mine daily. The multitool I carry is a Leatherman Juice CS4, I would highly recommend it!

Step 2: Wallet

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Well, this one is pretty obvious. You need your wallet. I carry an Ian Sinclair Cardsharp in mine. It is a great back-up knife.

Step 3: Cell Phone

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Step 4: Zippo

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Someway to make fire is essential, especially in the winter. I carry a Zippo lighter because it is a reliable, time-proven design. If you run out of fluid, you can use the striker to start a fire. I always carry extra flints in the lighter, just in case one wears out.

Step 5: Bandana

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A bandana, like everything else on this instructable, has many uses. You can use it to dry your hands, wipe your nose, sling your arm, or even as a tourniquet. If you carry a brightly colored one, you can use it as a signaling device.

Step 6: Earbuds (optional)

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I listen to a lot of music. Close to three hours a day. I carry a pair of Symphonized NRG earbuds so I can listen to music on the go if I want to.

Step 7: The End

Thank you for looking at this instructable! If you enjoyed it, please feel free to ask questions.


WalkerWodarz (author)2015-11-09

yeah you would want a gun rather than half of those things

gmanfiggy (author)WalkerWodarz2015-11-09

This instructable was more meant for people on a tight budget. You don't need a gun on a day to day basis. That being said, a gun is a good thing to carry. I would carry a gun in addition to all these things.

bobski_horner (author)gmanfiggy2015-11-11

A gun is invitation for trouble ,learn self defence instead it`s more usefull and has the surprise element if you are confronted .

self D is critical, however when 3 perps attack you your wife and kids you will need fire power to preserve your family and martial arts are no substitute for fire power

and just what are the chances of that happening? pretty damned miniscule unless you live in a very high crime neighborhood ..and I mean very high crime

you may be willing to take chances with your family . N o matter how slight the risk, I am not willing to take that chance. And there is this thing called the second amendment which affords me that right. Much like you have the right to question the necessity of concield carry weapons. However neither right trumps the other. So I guess I will carry on.?

luckystig (author)bobski_horner2015-11-14

I ain't wrestling no grizzly!

bobski_horner (author)luckystig2015-11-15

This one used to live where I come from .....he was an interesting customer in the local bar

VenaRodr (author)bobski_horner2015-11-11

There is always someone out there that knows more than you Kung-Fu Joe.

bobski_horner (author)VenaRodr2015-11-12

History repeats itself is the old saying. I presume your American (I`m not) so let me try to show you what I mean using your history.

The reaction of Doc Holiday compaired to Wyatt Earp when confronting the Clancy gang in the alleyway at Tombstone was totally differrent .

I`ll let you figure out the rest of it, especially the aftermath of this gunfight.

VenaRodr (author)bobski_horner2015-11-12

I guess you are trying to refer to Ike and Billy Clanton at the OK Corral? Either way I don't understand your reference. But I guess we can all rest easy because you have never had to carry a gun. My home has never burned down nor have I ever been in a major car accident. I guess I should tell everyone to get rid of their insurance! EDC is about being prepared. You as a non-US citizen may not even have the capability of carrying a ccw, If this is the case, EDC items would vary to your location. For example I carried my M16 in Iraq and Afghanistan every day, but here, that would be a bit extreme.

bobski_horner (author)VenaRodr2015-11-12

The Doc Holiday /ok corral thing is psychological ,just 1 mistake ended in a gunfight and, if my memory serves me correct for once the whole truth about this incident did not come into public view untill the 1920`s.

As for the EDC items ,you are correct ,ccw is banned in a lot of countries including mine, the Islamic state of the United Kingdom (the referance is no joke Sharia law is now enshrined in our laws)

gmanfiggy (author)bobski_horner2015-11-11

I think self defense is a great thing to know, however, carrying a concealed firearm has the same element of surprise. In addition to that, I live in a rural area known to have bears and mountain lions, knowing self defense won't protect you against a charging bear.

bobski_horner (author)gmanfiggy2015-11-12
I think self defense is a great thing to know, however, carrying a concealed firearm has the same element of surprise. In addition to that, I live in a rural area known to have bears and mountain lions, knowing self defense won't protect you against a charging bear.
You did not state you were in the "wilds" But a concealed firearm in the situation you describe is as much use as a eunich as a bridegroom ,unless you intend to try to kill yourself as you are being eaten .

I been alive for more than 60 + years ,never had to carry any gun, nor need to,nor intend to either, as you are more likely to end up being killed or otherwise if you do carry one .

JimAbbott (author)bobski_horner2015-11-11

I'm with you mate.

ducati109 (author)2015-11-11

Your list is biased to your needs, clean and cook your fish and document it with selfies. ;)

gmanfiggy (author)ducati1092015-11-11


gmanfiggy (author)2015-11-09

Thanks for the comment, I accidentally left out money! A gun is another optional thing to carry, I left it out because I don't personally carry one (I am too young).

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