These is my first instructable so be kind with the coments. I allways take with me my wallet survival kit in my belt but you can take it anywear.

Step 1: Find a wallet

Picture of Find a wallet
You can chose anyone. Preferably with huge pokets and a lot of space.

This is an excellent Instructable. Very good English practice as well. The hardest part of learning a new language for me is having the guts (bravery) to speak or write to native speakers and hear their criticism. It is obvious from the phrasing and spelling of your instructions that you are not 'just' using a dictionary or translation program to convert your comfortably composed native-language instructions to English--you are carefully coming up with the words in English to express your instructions! Very good job, easily understandable even where you make small mistakes. Also a great survival kit!

Santiago22 (author) 1 year ago
David the credit card is not for paying is to use as a spatula or to open locks
Davice1 year ago
I think you should be carefull with the magnet and the Credit Card.
I didn't know he spoke Spanish. Sorry. I was just trying to help.
Great Instructable, but you said a couple matches. A couple is two,and next time could you please proofread it. Thanks!
Man you are such a fanny face. Good post. Will be making a similar wallet soon for a camping trip!
You put a comma between the word two and the word and. Perhaps you should have proofread before you posted..
Be Kind Magicninjalord. How well do you speak and write Spanish? His English is 100 times better than my Spanish. :-)
Awesome Instructable!
Santiago22 (author) 1 year ago
I put 10 matches
Gregbot1 year ago
LIKE! Thank you!