Picture of EDC: The pocket knife
Life is full of little problems. Here are more then 20 solved by the humble pocket knife.

This particular knife is the Gerber Paraframe I - Serrated. I've carried it for several years. In my opinion it's the best choice for an EDC (EveryDay Carry) pocket knife.

Safety Caution: Knives can cause serious injury. Always handle a knife within your experience. Here are some good tips for knife safety.

Legal Caution: Many, if not all, jurisdictions have laws governing knives or any cutting implement for that matter. Check with local law enforcement before choosing a knife to everyday carry.

Step 1: How to one hand open a pocket knife

Picture of How to one hand open a pocket knife

First things first. Here's a couple ways to open a knife.
Curious have you ever used the hilt of a knife to break a car window? I've only ever heard about using an actual window punch. I know its completely possible, but at what cost especially if your car has driven into the bay.
turtle keeper3 months ago

awsome !!!!!!!!

MattK63 months ago
Natalina6 months ago

I have this knife and love it. Thanks for some new ideas on uses for it!

7417414527 months ago

ya you can do that do

Gerber Paraframe I, definitely an excellent knife! A like it so much. I will put it in the best edc knife chart to make some comparisons with other popular knives. I always like to choose serrated blades, they have so many uses. Thanks for the share!

I've had one for several years I love it
nick-hills1 year ago
You should make a insturtuble on how to make the bullet screws
nick-hills1 year ago
Did u make the lincence plate frame yourself
Mrballeng (author)  nick-hills1 year ago
It's just a regular old frame from the dealer. I did make the bullet screws though.
lilchumy1 year ago
Really cool. I don't have the para frame knife but I plan on getting one.
Ramecon1 year ago
I use the mini-paraframe serrated and have been for some time. Thanks for all the cool ideas, I never noticed some of the stuff you do here!
erfinder1 year ago
I use the Camillus Cuda myself, I love the one handed opening on it. Really helpful when fishing or woodworking.
ardnon1 year ago
great ideas, I was surprised to see the knife in my pocket on the screen in front me...
Before you start prying bottle caps and soda cans, make sure you know what steel you're knife is. High carbon steel is likely to break. Be careful.
fredellarby3 years ago
Anything that can't be done, somehow, with a pocket knife probably doesn't need doing. I've carried one for over 50 years and can't figure out how people get by without one.
You're lucky, lots of places they are considered "concealed weapons". So you have to wear them openly, which is also illegal :(
Firewolf131 year ago
Oops... Spyderco
Firewolf131 year ago
My spy derecho endura4 hos soooo many more uses now!
I love mine now I love it even more
megaernie1 year ago
CJR21152 years ago
My EDC is a partially serrated gerber contrast and I LOVE IT
Nice way to think out of the box... But still I would never use my knives like this, they're the only babies I have...
pcanywii2 years ago
i have a sweet stainless steel boy scouts of america double-blade lockback knife! It is boss!
mrpesas3 years ago
I've been doing this for years and is the best way to remove a staple without damaging the paper. You can also just use a fingernail on light-weight staples.

Great usage!!!!
h8864 mrpesas2 years ago
i use my fingernail on heavy-weight staples!
it works pretty good!
mikaleda3 years ago
you can also buy a p38 can opener for less than a dollar that goes on your key chain easier to use and it saves you from dulling your knife
Came in useful during the summer the day I forgot to bring my can opener on a 3 day stint on the AT with a group from a summer camp!
Knave mikaleda3 years ago
Should you become stranded on an island with only yourself, your trusty pocket knife and the crate of canned foodstuffs you were lucky enough to float in on; this may come in handy~
mikaleda Knave3 years ago
i carry one of these with me every where i go it is also a good screwdriver also. another thing i carry is a magnesium bar and flint.
and it is more likely that you will need to keep your knife sharp for other circumstances. opening cans will dull your knife quickly. so carry one of these as much as your knife and you are good. they are very small and fit right on your key chain
Nice instructable. I EDC the Spyderco Delica 4
tareko3 years ago
Thank you for sharing this instructable. I have in fact learned two uses which I probably wouldn't come up with on my own.

Still, what about all the other day to day uses?

Let me bore you wuith a story I repported to Vitorinox (that's right, I'm a Swiss Army Knife fan), a few years ago:

"...I have read the "True Stories" section and to be frank, I'm not surprised. Let me explain:
I've had the same Swiss Army Knife since 1989 - almost twenty years. It's a "Camping" model.
I may not have live-saving stories to tell, but I do have many problem-solving stories. That is why I carry it we me at all times.
The story I'd like to share with you is the following:
Last month, my wife and I were on motorcycle in Spain. The weather had been cloudy for a few days and and there was an eminent threat of heavy rain. Descending the "Sierra de Gredos" we suddenly left behind the clouds and found ourselves in a sunny mountain side. I stopped the motorcycle on the side of the road and we got off. We just stood there enjoying the beautiful view.
In the saddlebags I had some "manchego" cheese and some crackers. With my Swiss Army Knife - would you believe it? - I sliced the cheese. It was a most delicious experience and one of the best moments of the holidays..."
Now I shall tell the story about me slicing swiss smoked gendarmes sousages and pain paisan ( a tipical swiss loaf) with a "locksmith" model Victorinox knife while trecking in Valais swiss alps. Gorgeous bread , gorgeous sousages and a pretty nice multy purpose folding knife I suggest to examine. Possibly examine bread and sousages too .
You are a lucky guy! I've been trying to buy a Victorinox Locksmith for over six months. They discontinued the model and anybody that has one hangs on to it.
chrisdp2 years ago
Wow. i have learned a couple of things with this. I carry a Victorinox Spartan and thanks to Mr Wade Tarzia and his little pocket hook, it is really easy even in my office clothes.

Some guys have commented on "taking care" of your knife. Well, it is a tool at the end of the day and I wont use a knife with special meaning or that was a gift in such a manner.
kmiksch2 years ago
Obviously those are the tasks you can do with a Gerber. Cause why ruin a decent knife when you can ruin a Gerber :)
I love this instructable!!! lots of great ideas I wil post a pic of my E.D.C knife below I also have the mini version of your knife.
kendonn2 years ago
Went out and bought two of these gems. excellent uses for an excellent knife.

Many Thanks
briscoekid2 years ago
What knife is this?
Mrballeng (author)  briscoekid2 years ago
the Gerber Paraframe I - Serrated
Thank You
Pwag2 years ago
I really was smug when I saw the title of this and didn't expect to learn anything...but holy cow did I.

Changed the way I look at my knife! I wonder if the bottle opening trick will work on my buck 110?
There has been many a time I've had to strip wire with a knife.
cnogueira13 years ago
Loved the Instructable. Though I have carried some kind or other of knife for most of my life, I eventually settled fo a Victorinox Swiss Champ, which does everything I need on my daily routine. Ok, it's heavy and bulky, but I am still allowed to carry it on a belt holster, so no problem.

But I think you forgot the most basic use of all for an EDC: Cutting meat.
I've lost count of the times when I went to a barbecue where there weren't or the host didn't give enough tableware for all the guests and in the end most of the men would end up eating with their EDCs...

And there's also pizza slicing on a park bench or a tailgate.
cnogueira13 years ago
Guess another mundane task that was forgotten is removing thorns from one`s trousers.
Not as bad as the bottle opener trick, but I still wouldn't pry with my knife. Just use your finger and avoid possible damage to your knife. Although it would be a little bad ass to open a soda with a knife.. I'll have3 to think about this one..
That's a big no no. Never pry with a knife.
Schmidty163 years ago
here is my pocket knife notice any differences
Of course, yours is lacking the peg. This means one of two things. Either your knife is the "mini-paraframe" or it is perhaps an earlier version of the paraframe. I like the author own a full-size paraframe(serrated) and use it almost everyday. Though I take better care of mine judging by the nicks on his blade edge.
no mine has a pegs i use mine every day i got mine in a survial kit
The photo you posted doesn't have any pegs. You are mistaken.
u mean the things that on the bottom of the para frame that connect both sides
Well, its hard for me to understand your poor grammar and spelling so I'll attempt to explain. I refer to the two thumb pegs on either side of the blade located at the very back of the blade, almost against the frame itself. You can see them in the author's photos. Your blade has indentations instead, which makes me think yours is the smaller version of the paraframe.
sorry about my grammer im only 14 years old and i had to go to speech for 1st through 5grade im still working on it bye myself and im so used to texting
you mean a thumb stud, just to make things a bit clearer
ohh ok i thought u meant the studs inbetween the knife now i see
Schmidty163 years ago
it was orignially 25 dollars but i found mine in a mini survival kit that was 20 dollars wow i saved over 5 dollars
jsgraham3 years ago
I used to do this when Texas had plate stickers. But that was 20 years ago. We've since changed to the window sticker that is mounted on the driver side lower portion of the windshield, just above the safety inspection sticker.

Most states nowadays have the window sticker in lieu of a plate sticker. If these are pealed off, they automatically show void all across the surface of the sticker. Now, in the state of Texas, the window stickers are printed with the plate number and the vehicle VIN. So stealing it wouldn't do any good.
cupojoe9993 years ago
Nice ideas and uses. Some of those ideas are only viable for that particular knife though, like the heavy gauge wire bending. I personally love my benchmade mini griptilan. Its my EDC knife of chioce, size is just right, easy to open and close one handed, crazy strong lock up, great blade steel, sharpen it once a month (if that). A bit pricey but worth it to me.
You should be able to do that with just about any folding knife. It will be more dangerous as you'll have to open the blade and stick the wire in the slot the blade folds into though.
Yea, I guess you could do that, but only if the wire is thin enough to fit in the blade channel. You would want one hell of a strong handle to do that with though. steel liners, and a flow through pillar constructed knife would be better to do that with than say a case trapper.
Lord Ren3 years ago
THIS is an instructable? I guess nobody has EVER used a pocket knife like this?
I learned a few things.

It has never occured to me to pinch things between the handle and the blade a-la the wire cutter/stripper or safely cutting the string. That will be handy for cutting small dowels off straight. Usually I put them on a surface, push the knife blade down on it and roll it. Instead, I'll try squeezing the dowel between blade and the handle and spinning.

I've also never seen a bottle opened like that, or the can opener method. The can opener technique would have been handy one time when I went camping and forgot to bring one along. I ended up getting it open by sort of sawing with the knife, but it wasn't easy and kind of dangerous.
whitemonk3 years ago
I HIGHLY discourage your fuse puller method. The metal blade can slip and touch the two contacts of the fuse with your hand as the ground completing the circuit.
Unless you're holding the knife with your tongue, 12v isn't going to do much.
Yeah, it isn't going to shock you, but if you were to ground the handle of the knife by touching the car body with it while touching a terminal of the fuse, you'll get sparks and scare the crap out of yourself. You might even damage whatever that fuse is supposed to be protecting, but probably not. Depending on how heavy the wire is, the knife might also get really hot really quick. Speaking from experience here, I have a burn scar from the time I thought using a sewing needle to probe through the insulation on a wire was a good idea.
soldeir 93 years ago
oooor you can use your knife for cutting and carving and buy the things (can opener, and um..use your hands to knock on a door..) but 5* for creativity and length
valkgurl3 years ago
@Christinacovert---Presumably you are not with Dear Hubby 24/7/365. Git yer own knife!

Seriously I am a female who has carried a knife DAILY for the past---well---since I was 12 and found one of those old timey "Camper knives" with the FORK and SPOON and horn scales in "The Woods" ---graduated to my grandfathers old Barlow Sheeps Foot and then for overseas travel a Swiss Army knife which survived being run over by a semi truck and is STILL in daily use in my kitchen. HAve had two more since then and carry a cobalt blue one today.
I am now mom to 3 and grandmother to 2 and my daughter was not on "16 and Pregnant".

So for a loooong time!

Everyone I know asks to either have me use my knife for something or to use it themselves---this includes Dear Husband at times and all kids, grandkids, future daughter in law opened her bridal shower gifts with it!

A few other uses some more common than others--

Replace inadequate knife at Chinese place

Emergency awl for clothing or leather repair

Makes a handy hand weight if you can't get the blade open in time and can only hold it in closed fist---adds a bit of English to your swing

Spackle applicator or remover

Emergency prosthetic leg pin release---don't laugh I am an amputee and there are times my locking pin locks too firmly and I use the end of the knife to push the release. If I had to get out of the leg---ie car went off road over bridge and Lassie was not nearby---I could use it to get leg off quickly.

I have a piece of stone---a stone tool from pre-historic times that I found in those same woods actually!---and I do demos at our school and for Scouts about how to use stone tools etc. Most of the kids know me and know I always have my knife---but with this stone multi surface tool I can do many of things the Swiss Army Knife enables me to do! I can: Skin an animal; deflesh a hide; poke holes; cut meat raw or cooked; use the ends to mash things; smooth pottery; cut hair; start a fire; sharpen a stick; make a spear and use the knife or stone tool to cut sinew or vines etc to attach a point; defend myself and others.

Pretty sure that something similar to this amazing little 3" long stone tool from possibly 10,000 years ago (dated at the Museum of the American Indian) was the ORIGINAL EDC.
You're the greatest. A very impressive, creative person. I always carry a knife and was given a new one for Christmas. It will go along with me as does my tiny Swiss Army knife with it's scissors, and screwdriver. I know people, especially women, who are horrified at the idea of carrying a knife, but mine gets borrowed all the time. They need to learn to carry one. I'm a mom of three and a grandma of 7.
Right on!
I'm a Swiss woman - no joke- and i have a Swiss army knife in every purse. A woman horrified to carry a knife should try being stranded on a picnic area with a bottle of wine or a six pack with no opener... Never again would she walk around without one. I feel nacked without my knife!
My EDC knife is a
Gerber F.A.S.T. Draw Serrated Knife...
Very similar to your's but the handle is different.
I actually really need to get it sharpened....
Absolutely, completely not trying to be a jerk, but you don't need to get it sharpened, you need to buy a sharpening stone! :)
I do have one, and it works for the normal part of it, the blade is a combination of your standard edge and serrated. It's the serrated part that I can't keep an edge on.
Do you know how to sharped single-sided scalloped serrations?
Anyways, your aren't being a jerk, your trying to save someone else some money.
I have used the spyderco tri-angle system for sharpening for many years now. I think it works great. even on the scallops. small, steak knife serrations are too small though. as a chef I rely on sharp knives and this set-up has been my go to for at least 6 years..
Definitely agree that it's a great system for getting sharp edges, I just prefer the feel and motion of working with the waterstones.
You need to get a small diameter round file. Just 2 or 3 strokes on each serration should do.
That would work?
'cause I already have a bunch of small diamond files...
I guess it's worth a try!

It's not my favorite system for most cases (it works perfectly well, I just prefer waterstones), but I have a Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker that does a good job on serrated or combo edges. If it's one-sided you'd use a flat stone on one side, and the Spyderco on the scalloped side.
bben463 years ago
I am sure you can find many more uses. I have been carrying a pocket knife since my father gave me a 3 blade Case Stockman knife with a 3 1/4 inch main blade for my 12th birthday. That would be 53 years. I carried it through school from the 6th grade on. Several times a teacher borrowed either my knife or one from one of the other boys. Carrying a pocket knife was not at all unusuall - however a switch blade would get a suspension.

Mine was not considered either large or dangerous at the time. Carried through college - Then It was confiscated for 16 weeks during Marine Corps boot camp (They gave me a bigger knife to carry though, an M6 Bayonet with a 7 inch blade.) My case knife was returned when we graduated from boot camp. The old Case knife was lost somewhere over the years.

The knife I carry has shrunk over the last 20 years as our TSA has decided that even a tiny Swiss army gentlemans pocket knife with a blade less than 2 inches is more dangerous than a pencil or knitting needle. My current Swiss Army is the smallest size, but with the addition of a bottle opner/phillips screwdriver blade. I use my pocket knife daily and people who know about it are constantly asking to borrow it for little things.
due to the new safety regulations and whatnot, I haven't started carrying a knife until recently, as I just graduated high school. as a graduation gift for myself I bought a gerber suspension multitool, and I don't think a day goes by when I don't at least flip the blade open for something.
Ray Jr bben463 years ago
That was a great short story!! More please.
That'd make a good essay
'Autobiography of a pocket knife'
nice one
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M403 years ago
You had about 3 or 4 interesting uses, then they get more and more absurd as if you're just grasping at straws to make it to 20 on an ill-contrived bet. Many of your uses are actually abuses... edge-dulling abuses.

If you were just going for absurdity, then you forgot nose picker, zit popper, zombie killer, micro-shovel, poorly-designed flyswatter, etc.

Fact is, I'd have no problem coming up with 30 or more good uses for a Leatherman... and none of them would be silly, time-wasting stretches.
Thrasym M403 years ago
I don't think you understand what an EDC is. Every Day Carry. It is a WORK tool, not a fancy status symbol engraved with "this is sharper than yours". I believe a knife should be good and sharp as I follow Gibb's rule #9, but everything dulls a blade, that's why they make sharpening utensils.

Anyway, who knew that Gerber Paraframe was so useful? I got one for my son when we went out for new pocket knives a year or so ago. Of course, it doesn't get much use, he can only use it when he's with me and not at school/cadets/etc. They're so strict about that stuff these days...but I digress...
M40 Thrasym3 years ago
I understand perfectly well what an EDC is, which is why I've pointed out that a multi-tool (or Swiss army) is a better EDC with far more uses. I'd rather open cans and bottles with a can or bottle opener on a multi-tool than hack up a well honed edge by misusing its blade.

Likewise, anyone who cares about maintaining their edged tools doesn't dig holes with them. Abuse of an EDC in the form of silly mundane tasks means that the edge won't be there when you need it. That negates the reason for carrying a knife in the first place.
Tronclay M403 years ago
"the reason" being? I didnt realize that when i payed MY money to buy MY knife at the store that id only be able to use it for ONE reason. You know why i dont edc a leatherman? They are way too heavy and i dont use one enough. Most people in your "shoes" (edc junkies/youtube extraordinaires) will carry a batman belt full of crap they never even use just so they can feel prepared. Thats a ridiculous use of any tool. I can kinda tell you dont even use a knife every day the way you talk about silly mundane tasks.... life is full of silly mundane tasks and thats the EXACT reason people carry what they carry. I might not use a knife for a week then use it 50 times in one day or use it 20 times a day for a week then not touch it for a few days, it depends.

Keep in mind that normal people, not people that carry loads of stuff just for the "fun" of it, dont want pockets full of crap just to show off to their friends, they want a tool they can use for what they need when they need it. Id rather carry and ruin 2 or 3 cheap gerbers than carry around my leatherman charge TTI or MUT all day everyday.
M40 Tronclay3 years ago
My preferences in EDC are my own, and I've correctly pointed out that silly uses for a knife listed in this 'able like 'doorstop' and 'paperweight' are trending towards absurdity. However, this seems to have twisted your panties somewhat. You've got me all figured out. Sure... I'm the guy that just cruises forums and probably doesn't even own a knife, right?

I forge blades, grind blades, engrave blades, and regularly carry carry and use blades in both wilderness and civilized settings. As a wilderness survival instructor and bladesmith, I've forgotten more about blades and metallurgy than you're ever likely to bother learning.

Here's a clue... try Googling 'M40 blades'
Tronclay M403 years ago

Wilderness survival instructor? HA! Which 35 dollar class did you take to get that title? I bet it impresses 75% of the teenagers you meet.

Heres a clue... Try googling "Learning how not to act like an immature, pompous jerk."
M40 Tronclay3 years ago
Even though it was 20 years ago, I'm sure the Air Force spent more than $35 on my training. I also own and operate one of the top ranked wilderness survival websites, and have been doing so for almost 15 years. I'm not trying to be immature or pompous, just calling it as I see it.
flamesami M403 years ago
fly swatter? I heard from this guy that he, straight after sharpening his knife to "sticky sharp" (ridiculously sharp), he saw a big fly - a bluebottle I think - and sliced at it, fully expecting to miss... by sheer luck/coincidence, he managed not only to hit the fly, but slice it in half from end to end! this other bloke had also managed to do something similar to a wasp in midair, with a fencing sword (he didn't cut it though)

so, using a knife as a fly swatter? only if its *very* sharp
N.B.:first dudes definition of "blunt" would be most peoples definition of "still quite sharp"
Hoopajoo3 years ago
My EDC knife is an Opinel #8 in Inox Stainless. I like how the blade both locks open and closed by the swiveling collet. Locking closed is VERY important to me as I always keep it scalpel sharp and do NOT want it opening in my pocket. It also does not have a leaf spring in the spine so it is a full manual open and close. Personally, I think such springs are dangerous on pocket knives as I have had one slip my grip when closing and slice my thumb to the bone. That was 32 years ago the the scar is still quite noticeable. I also have a carbon steel Opinel #12, but while legal to carry here in VA, a 12" pocket knife IS a bit much ;D
(I didn't have a photo of my knife hands, so, Photo Credit to www.Militaria.pl
skulv3 years ago
A common Faroese saying goes:

A knifeless man is a lifeless man.
(Knívleysur maður er lívleysur maður.)

My "weapon of choice" are these two knives.
Leatherman Skeletool CX is always in my pocket for these type of jobs. Every man, woman, and child over 16 should have one handy when legal. In addition to a super bright led flashlight.
Shooter10013 years ago
I was carrying a cheap $5 pocket knife around until it fell apart. My kid then went and bought me a Swiss Army knife. I can't tell you how many times that knife has come in handy. I wouldn't go anywhere without it. I'm no big 'tool guy' nor do I have any religious respect for some 'right tool for the job' attitude. If the knife solves the problem then that's what I use. If it breaks, which it never has, then I'll get another one.
Wazzupdoc3 years ago
I carry a knife AND a multi-tool !:) I use them both every day. I swap out knives for different occasions, but my Leatherman Blast is always with me. Except, of course at the airport and the county court house! Nice 'ibble.
majeral3 years ago
My Ex gave me a Swiss Army knife about 25 years ago. It has lots of sharp blades on it and some special tools. I am glad it does not have the serrated part on it. This knife has helped me times over the years. I think every woman should have one.It is heavy but worth it. I travel a lot and it goes in my luggage in the hold.
actimm3 years ago
Wow, that was interesting. I am used to this level of pettiness and sniping when discussing music, motorcycles and the classic Ford vs Chevy debate, but I never thought I would see it over just the possible uses of a folding pocket knife.

I have several multi-tools. In fact, I collect them. I have about 20 different varieties and they range from incredibly useful to simply absurd. I have one that was marketed by a well-known knife maker that I can permanently bend the handles on simply squeezing my finger in the plier jaws and another that with the same level of force, would probably break my finger.

That being said, a multi-tool that meets your requirements and limitations is always more useful than a single bladed folder EXCEPT limitations of size and discretion. I've been in several situations where a multi-tool would be too bulky but a small folder is just right. But, I've also been in situations where all I had is the small folder and I really would have preferred, if not needed, the multi-tool.

It is a good instructable in that it provides ideas for how to do things with a knife you might normally use another tool, if you had the one but not the other. But, I don't believe it is intended to be a rallying cry to throw away your muli-tool.

My suggestion is take it for what it is and don't try to read any more into it.
Bill WW3 years ago
I was once on a construction project where we were all given a pocket knife for a safety award. A co-worker looked at his knife and said " A knife? I have no use for a pocket knife!", and gave his to another worker. That happened 40 years ago, and it is still one of the most unbelieveable events of my career.
I guess I own about 11 -15 pocket knives.
chabias3 years ago
LOVE your store! Just shared the link with several friends and family members.
Mrballeng (author)  chabias3 years ago
Amnesia Wes3 years ago
On tip No. 7, it'd probably best if you faced the blade in the opposite direction. That way you won't cut yourself when you start to slide the new keys onto the split ring.
Saxidomus3 years ago
Wonderful ideas. I have a knife just about like yours but haven't thought of all those uses, but now I'll use them gratefully and teach the kids. I'm a grandma and always carry a knife.
While there are probably better tools to do the job, when a pocket knife is all you have it is a very handy and versatile tool to have. Thanks for a great instructable.
I live in the South where even gentlemen are expect to have a knife on them at all times. This is a great reminder of what a great tool a small pocket knife can be. And what a great little instructable! Some of the things I have done many times myself, but others, like bending wire and protecting your hands from the sharp edges of furniture, had me scratching my head wondering why I had never thought of that. At the same time I'm betting there are some other creative souls out there who could come up with another 20, or even 50, handy uses for the good old pocket knife.
Thank you for the great ideas. Two more uses that came are 1/ a basic survival tool for many things, and 2/ not very probable, but very possibly self defense.
You never even got to it's use in killing zombies. That's a whole new section.
rocklocker3 years ago
Great ideas, but I am really interested in your licence plate fasteners. Did you make these and if so how?
Mrballeng (author)  rocklocker3 years ago
I machined them on a mini lathe. There also at mrballeng.com
thayray3 years ago
What can one say? The man loves his knife.
madenairy3 years ago
hi thare just to note sumthing - the above nife IS NOT a legal edc nife in the uk, here we have stupid "offensive weapons" legislation, which

1. blade cannot be over 3" in length and it has to fold
2. it cant lock or have a way to open it with 1 hand (thumb, stud, disk, hole, if it has any kind of spring mech to deploy the blade it will probably be a flick or switchblade and will probably get u a 5 yr prison sentence)
3. it cant be "found (by the police) outwith of the context in which it would normally be found in" i.e. a carving nife is fine in the kitchen, but not down the back of someones trousers as there walking down the street, the above nife is o.k. for sumthing spesific i.e. a hunting, or fishing trip (if kept in a bag with other kit on the way there and back)
an edc nife in the u.k. is a multitool (i carry won) if it has a blade under 3" wich dusnt lock and reqwires both hands to open it, if anywon wants to argue its "out of context" point out its a multi-purpose tool, it has no spesific context to be found in therefore it cannot be found out of context!

o.k. rant over! nise ible btw
ummm.... I always thought that a one-handed-opening knife was fine, like with the spyderco UKPK - it is UK-legal, but still has the spydie-hole, which permits one-handed opening
also, there is a "with good reason" clause(you mentioned it, but kinda garbled), so if you need a bigger/locking/fixed-blade and can justify it then its ok. So you can take a fixed-blade knife with you when hunting, a butter knife when picnicking, a knife back from the shops with you if you just bought it...oh and if you are a Scotsman, and are dressed as such, you can carry a sgian dubh, if you are a Sikh, you are allowed the traditional knife, etc. etc.

BUT-if the cop who sees it reckons its an offensive weapon, it will be confiscated (not sure of procedure for getting it back, but I bet its complicated and involves legal proceedings), even if, under other circumstances, it would be UK-legal. If you pull a three-(or even two-)inch non-locking folder on someone, you are going to loose your knife, at least for a while.

rant over.
The wording of the specific act (the Offensive Weapons act 1988) is "...any specific features that make it more effective as a weapon", this is usually interpreted as "having a locking mech or a way to open it with one hand", I did hi-lite that u can have a good reason to have a locking, one hand opening, or a fixed blade knife in public - but u need a good reason, and not just "I needed a knife for wen i was out of the house"

Remember who u will be justifiying it to - the police and (probably) a court, neither of whom, as an entity has much of a sense of humour! the police exercise their powers on a discretionary basis, half the time a police officer doesn't know the law in detail, they see a knife and automatically assume that whoever is carrying it is "up to no-good", there is a belief over here that anyone that carries a knife is automatically a criminal, hence y u could get a 5yr prison sentence for carrying the knife above! The topic of this ible is an every day carry knife, I was hi-liting that it may be kosher to carry it in the States, but its not over here!,

The other points u raised, about how to get your knife back if its been confiscated:-
1. If its found not to be an "offensive weapon", u might get it back (though a court can still order forfeiture of it - even if the case is dismissed) u will have to request its return - u might see within a year if you're lucky!

2. If it is found to be an "offensive weapon" getting it back will be a fairly low priority, u will have to justify y u had it to the court, if u dont u will receive an automatic 5yr prison sentence!

Spyderco may say that the UKPK is Kosher for everyday carry, it is, but ONLY with a valid reason! (remember "found out of the context in which it would normally be found ")

Oh, one last thing - I am scots, I ken when I'm wearing my kilt i can carry my sgian dubh, dirk, bodkin and even a claymore, but if I'm carrying them and I'm in jeans and T-shirt, I'm for the hi-jump!

Rant over !

rblee madenairy3 years ago
It's worse than that. It's all subject to the discretion of the Police Officer concerned as well.

The upside of this is that an old codger like me isn't going to get much grief from the police when carrying any kind of knife within reason, whereas someone under 30 is likely to get run in for anything with a sharpish edge on it, although the vast, vast majority of under 30s are perfectly upstanding citizens.

Worse still, the police don't like locking blades either. I won't let my sons use folding knives without locking blades - They're way too dangerous, except on stuff like pipe smokers knives, which are basically just scrapers.

Finally, there is also a catch-all, which is any knife designed to "avoid detection." Go figure... :(
So you cannot own (in the UK) a knife that can be opened with one hand if you only have one hand. Interesting.

Of course, the UK has odd weapons laws. I live in New Mexico (USA) where the weapons law are much more realistic. The only kind of knife I cannot carry is a switchblade, although I could bring one from Mexico into the Federal border area, but I cannot leave the Customs area into the state itself.
Gosh, how insightful. Thanks for your contribution. When did Instructables commenters turn into youtube commenters? This guy put time and effort into putting some useful information out there, and you have "meh" (and no instructables of your own.) If you don't have anything nice to say...
savdaw3 years ago
Great idea's didn't realize so many uses. Keep the ideas coming.
Don't cheap out when buying a knife. Remember inferior knives produce superior injuries.
I just read some of the comments below. I'm mazed at the attitude of knives in other parts of the works. Here in the American desert it is considered an invaluable tool to have and they are considered once of the 4 basic items for survival. Even if it's a pocket knife Look up the Ontario type 499 Survival knife. That's what should be in your pack.
onemoroni13 years ago
When I was an Elevator Service Mechanic and Installer I used mine to stick in the sill to jam the selfclosing related hall doors open for convenience while working. It could be applied to any selfclosing (sliding) door with a sill and gibb design, Peace
korgoth253 years ago
Very n ice ible brought a couples uses I had not though of when carrying, though some of them are knife specific, a couple of those i couldnt use my buck that easily for
rondust3 years ago
In Australia there is a big trend to ban EVERYTHING related to knifes it seems.

Forgotten are the days of Boy Scouts - "be prepared!" That meant carrying a knife as a tool for what ever it could assist you with. Not just camping.
Never for use in anger, maintain it as a tool, wear it out, find another one.

I have carried a knife of various types/design since I was 7yrs old. Now I am giving knives to my wife and kids, and teaching them how to use and when is appropriate, and how minmise dangerous uses, as I was taught in Scouts and even learned the hard and bloody way.

There is a lot of Paranoia re knifes, police generally can tell the difference between someone with a tool and someone with a weapon, so "Mr Plod" can make common sense decissions in the street if he needs to.

Interesting submission on knifes.
chiefredelk3 years ago
In our family traditions a Knife is not a dead thing. It has a living spirit put there by the one who carries it. I've taught my kids and grand kids to NEVER be without a good knife... I've gifted my children with a good knife when they were mature enough to have one.. I expect that knife to last them a life time..The one time I saved myself and my oldest child from being gang raped or both of us being killed, I had a sharp knife but there were 4 of them and I knew one knife could be used to make a better defense weapon....As they advanced and before they reached us. I very quickly cut some sharp sticks out of Bamboo growing off the side of the path..I guess they were about 7- 10 inches long about as big around as my biggest finger.. ..Five or six of those in my back pocket for hand to hand and close up if it got to that.. Then.. I cut one bamboo spear about 6 feet long for reach..As I stepped back on the Rail Road tracks and set up my position the men who were very near by then saw the spear and aborted the attack...Shark sticks are dangerous and excellent weapons..In the eye or neck they are good one shot stoppers..Just a bamboo skewer can kill a man in the hands of a skilled person..Indirectly the knife save us..I also carry a nice spear when I am in the woods...Edged weapons put man at the top of the food chain. If you hurt an attacker, you may end up in jail..Sadly..If you kill an attacker it may be called a hate crime if he's not pink. I guess instead of fighting back we are supposed to french kiss some of them.. Never be without a weapon of some kind. Even a piece of glass is better than your finger nails..Many things can be used for defense..Your brain is your best weapon but a good sharp knife is a fine gift..
chiefredelk3 years ago
In our family traditions a Knife is not a dead thing. It has a living spirit put there by the one who carries it. I've taught my kids and grand kids to NEVER be without a good knife... I've gifted my children with a good knife when they were mature enough to have one.. I expect that knife to last them a life time..The one time I saved myself and my oldest child from being gang raped or both of us being killed, I had a sharp knife but there were 4 of them and I knew one knife could be used to make a better defense weapon....As they advanced and before they reached us. I very quickly cut some sharp sticks out of Bamboo growing off the side of the path..I guess they were about 7- 10 inches long about as big around as my biggest finger.. ..Five or six of those in my back pocket for hand to hand and close up if it got to that.. Then.. I cut one bamboo spear about 6 feet long for reach..As I stepped back on the Rail Road tracks and set up my position the men who were very near by then saw the spear and aborted the attack...Shark sticks are dangerous and excellent weapons..In the eye or neck they are good one shot stoppers..Just a bamboo skewer can kill a man in the hands of a skilled person..Indirectly the knife save us..I also carry a nice spear when I am in the woods...Edged weapons put man at the top of the food chain. If you hurt an attacker, you may end up in jail..Sadly..If you kill an attacker it may be called a hate crime if he's not pink. I guess instead of fighting back we are supposed to french kiss some of them.. Never be without a weapon of some kind. Even a piece of glass is better than your finger nails..Many things can be used for defense..Your brain is your best weapon but a good sharp knife is a fine gift..
I've had the same model for years. They're inexpensive so I really use it without worrying about screwing it up.
LesB3 years ago
Have used mine as a screwdriver, and to free a stuck coin in a vending machine and to "scratch" a really bad itch. Scraping lotto tickets to reveal million dollar prize. Cleaning grime out of fingernails. Of course cutting open snack bags.
I have a knife exactly like the one pictured. Nice knife, except that coins in the same pocket get stuck in the knife's frame.
Denger3 years ago
I've used my own frame locks (Gerber, Kershaw) for at least nine of these applications and they do work.

WARNING: Using the tip of a Gerber with the style of blade shown above to open a tin can (see Step 3) or for other similar prying jobs can indeed cause irreparable damage to the blade tip. It can and will snap off.  The steel and temper of this blade make it too brittle to withstand that kind of abuse for any length of time. 
flamesami3 years ago
most of these are neat uses, but some of them are knife abuse. that poor knife! look at the edge in the last photo, totally nicked and battered!
nice 'ible though, just not if you mind a dinged knife,and a blunt one too. Course, I baby y knives...but I accept that most people see theirs as a prybar, and don't lend them mine!
dr2chase3 years ago
I picked up a knife in the street that look just like yours, and I find that the openings in the frame give me the willies when I close it -- too easy to slip the tip of a finger in there and shave it off.

And are the serrations really that useful? I've never felt the need, and they interfere with clean cuts, though the wire-stripping hack is interesting. Small wires, I strip with my teeth (24-gauge gap at the tip of my incisors), if I lack strippers I do larger gauges with a light circular cut on the wire. I have a CRKT knife that lacks the serrations and the fingertip-sized openings, but it does have a lot of smaller slots and holes in its grip, and I could definitely slip a wire in there for a very safe and clean circular cut with a mostly-closed knife. Thanks for making me think.

I notice, by-the-way, that on both my CRKT knife and the one like yours, that the opening stud is removable. Perhaps that has something to do with the English knife restrictions -- useful to know before I travel there.
Its nothing to do with English knife restrictions - they just say "non-locking folder under 3 inches, unless you have good reason" (good reason being, for example, a picnic, for a butter knife, or hunting, for a hunting knife, etc.[this will also depend on the cop, if he books you, you can take it to court though])
I think the opening stud being removable is mor to do with personal preference.
annthracks3 years ago
My Gerber has a bottle opener built in to the lanyard attachment.
Chadifornia3 years ago
I have a Gerber paraframe as well, thanks for some of the new tips.
and-reas3 years ago
I wouldn't use my knife like that, I'm too afraid for blade play and a cut finger. However, I would use a Spyderco Delica or Endura with the Emerson wave for opening bottles.
boygenuis323 years ago
I use an Ontario 499, so t least HALF of these are useful. :P
Nice list. Figured out most of these through scouting. One you left out is emergency flat-head screwdriver.
i found that I have used my knife in many of the same ways... but also learned some neat new tricks... good 'ible... thanks

don't have the type you do but I def see the advantages of your type... also, couldn't you also use the similar technique you used to cut wire to also strip it?

jspence13 years ago
How about -
1) whittling tool
2) defensive weapon against street dogs
3) door lock jimmy
4) keyboard 'lint' cleaner
Stew23 years ago
Cool instructible! One tool you should never be without is a good knife :)
You have some interesting uses on your list. Thanks for the ideas.

I have used a knife exactly like yours as a "work knife" for the last few years. It is too bulky for other than work purposes IMO. Personally I prefer a much smaller knife for EDC but each to their own. The steel on this knife is very hard and difficult to sharpen but it's fine for rough uses and stands up to lots of abuse.

Unfortunately one of the screws in the handle has fallen out so I fear it's nearly time for another knife.
florinc3 years ago
Here are two more: shaver and tooth pick.
florinc3 years ago
Champagne bottle with a beer cap?
Muniosi3 years ago
Wow, nice 'ible! I think I'm gonna have to start carrying a knife! In your link to the knife you used here, I saw the same place also sold a Gerber Paraframe II and a Gerber Mini Paraframe. What are the differences between these three knives and which would be the best for everyday use as you've described in this instructable? Thanks in advance!
caarntedd3 years ago
Fantastic. I am a big fan of knife over multi tool. Many times have I completed a task with a knife before a friend can even get their multi tool open.
Schmidty163 years ago
mine is almost like ur but mine dosent have the button thing on it this is my knife any other differences tell me if u see anything other these pics came out wierd oops dont know how to add pic but look at my pics ant my where u read about me
Luxfugio3 years ago
My EDC knife is a Gerber a Gator II. Its sad they stopped making it so now i have to take even better care of it.

Nice Vid
My EDC is a Gerber STL 2.0 fine edge. sharp enough to shave out of the box and very lightweight
DaProject3 years ago
Thanks, this instructable is fun!
l8nite3 years ago
I generally carry a 6" buck sheath knife, a folder with half serrated blade and a 3" 2 bladed "pocket" knife. The uses are almost endless
macpower3 years ago
What about emergency cold cut slicer? There are time when I find myself in the wilderness with a 2 foot salami thinking "boy, I wish I had a good knife on me:"

Just kidding. Great 'ible!

: )
That's why my hubby wouldn't be caught without his. He uses it for everything possible.
Phil B3 years ago
You are almost making me wonder why I carry a Leatherman Juice S2 instead of one of these. Nicely done.
The irony of number 19
canucksgirl3 years ago
WOW... That's quite the list. Impressive. :)
Knifes I love knifes good job!
monsterlego3 years ago
Ah, the many uses of my favorite tool