Picture of EDC: The pocket knife
Life is full of little problems. Here are more then 20 solved by the humble pocket knife.

This particular knife is the Gerber Paraframe I - Serrated. I've carried it for several years. In my opinion it's the best choice for an EDC (EveryDay Carry) pocket knife.

Safety Caution: Knives can cause serious injury. Always handle a knife within your experience. Here are some good tips for knife safety.

Legal Caution: Many, if not all, jurisdictions have laws governing knives or any cutting implement for that matter. Check with local law enforcement before choosing a knife to everyday carry.
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Step 1: How to one hand open a pocket knife

Picture of How to one hand open a pocket knife

First things first. Here's a couple ways to open a knife.

Step 2: Bottle Opener

Picture of Bottle Opener
By using blade channel along with the blade you can easily open a bottle.

Step 3: Can opener

Picture of Can opener


Open a can by using the inside edge of the can as leverage.

Step 4: Wire Cutter / Stripper

Picture of Wire Cutter / Stripper

Place the wire nearest the pivot point though still within the blade portion. Close the blade to cut the wire. To strip, roll the blade the over the wire. Use the tip of the blade against the handle to pull the sleeve off.

Step 5: Heavy Gage Wire bending

Picture of Heavy Gage Wire bending
This is for when you lock your keys in your car. Find a coat hanger and shape the end with the blade channel.

Step 6: Score your registration sticker

Picture of Score your registration sticker
Since you have a knife on you use it to score your registration sticker. That helps prevent the theft of it.

Step 7: Key ring opener

Picture of Key ring opener
Spare your finger nails. Use your knife.

Step 8: Soda can opener

Picture of Soda can opener
Just like the key ring, spare your finger nails.

Step 9: Emergency window punch

Picture of Emergency window punch
For when your car plunges into San Francisco Bay, use the hilt to bust your way out.

Step 10: Safety Cutter

Picture of Safety Cutter
Expose just enough of the blade to fit the cord. Close the knife as you cut.

Step 11: Paper Craft

Picture of Paper Craft
Use the smooth edges of the knife handle to sharply crease paper. Use the blade to cut the crease.

Step 12: Splinter removal

Picture of Splinter removal
Place the edge of the blade against the spliter. Use your thumb against it to pull it out. Don't do this if your knife is razor sharp. Note: the splinter has been exaggerated for demonstration purposes.

Step 13: Door Stop

Picture of Door Stop
How many times have you told someone "let me back in". On your way out stick your knife in the jam. Let yourself back in.

Step 14: Door knock

Picture of Door knock
This is best used on heavy doors where your knuckle knock will be drowned out. Just be careful not to dent the door.

Step 15: Lazer level

Picture of Lazer level
The curved handle has plenty of surface to level a laser line just right.

Step 16: Open a package

Picture of Open a package
Enough said.

Step 17: Paper weight

Picture of Paper weight
Keep those top secret plans from blowing off the back of your car.

Step 18: Secret message

Picture of Secret message
Use the handle to impress a message on paper. A crayon reveals what you wrote.

Step 19: Hand Grip

Picture of Hand Grip
For those times when that furniture edge is just a little too sharp for your hand.

Step 20: Staple Remover

Picture of Staple Remover
Because when you need one you can't find it.

Step 21: Tire Valve

Picture of Tire Valve
For when your changing out a bicycle tire.

Step 22: Fuse Puller

Picture of Fuse Puller
When you go on a trip pull out a few ignition fuses from your car. If it doesn't start it's harder to steal.  

Help me to expand the list.

Thanks for reading.
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turtle keeper2 months ago

awsome !!!!!!!!

MattK62 months ago
Natalina5 months ago

I have this knife and love it. Thanks for some new ideas on uses for it!

7417414526 months ago

ya you can do that do

Gerber Paraframe I, definitely an excellent knife! A like it so much. I will put it in the best edc knife chart to make some comparisons with other popular knives. I always like to choose serrated blades, they have so many uses. Thanks for the share!

I've had one for several years I love it
nick-hills1 year ago
You should make a insturtuble on how to make the bullet screws
nick-hills1 year ago
Did u make the lincence plate frame yourself
Mrballeng (author)  nick-hills1 year ago
It's just a regular old frame from the dealer. I did make the bullet screws though.
lilchumy1 year ago
Really cool. I don't have the para frame knife but I plan on getting one.
Ramecon1 year ago
I use the mini-paraframe serrated and have been for some time. Thanks for all the cool ideas, I never noticed some of the stuff you do here!
erfinder1 year ago
I use the Camillus Cuda myself, I love the one handed opening on it. Really helpful when fishing or woodworking.
ardnon1 year ago
great ideas, I was surprised to see the knife in my pocket on the screen in front me...
Before you start prying bottle caps and soda cans, make sure you know what steel you're knife is. High carbon steel is likely to break. Be careful.
fredellarby2 years ago
Anything that can't be done, somehow, with a pocket knife probably doesn't need doing. I've carried one for over 50 years and can't figure out how people get by without one.
You're lucky, lots of places they are considered "concealed weapons". So you have to wear them openly, which is also illegal :(
Firewolf131 year ago
Oops... Spyderco
Firewolf131 year ago
My spy derecho endura4 hos soooo many more uses now!
I love mine now I love it even more
megaernie1 year ago
CJR21152 years ago
My EDC is a partially serrated gerber contrast and I LOVE IT
Nice way to think out of the box... But still I would never use my knives like this, they're the only babies I have...
pcanywii2 years ago
i have a sweet stainless steel boy scouts of america double-blade lockback knife! It is boss!
mrpesas3 years ago
I've been doing this for years and is the best way to remove a staple without damaging the paper. You can also just use a fingernail on light-weight staples.

Great usage!!!!
h8864 mrpesas2 years ago
i use my fingernail on heavy-weight staples!
it works pretty good!
mikaleda3 years ago
you can also buy a p38 can opener for less than a dollar that goes on your key chain easier to use and it saves you from dulling your knife
Came in useful during the summer the day I forgot to bring my can opener on a 3 day stint on the AT with a group from a summer camp!
Knave mikaleda3 years ago
Should you become stranded on an island with only yourself, your trusty pocket knife and the crate of canned foodstuffs you were lucky enough to float in on; this may come in handy~
mikaleda Knave3 years ago
i carry one of these with me every where i go it is also a good screwdriver also. another thing i carry is a magnesium bar and flint.
and it is more likely that you will need to keep your knife sharp for other circumstances. opening cans will dull your knife quickly. so carry one of these as much as your knife and you are good. they are very small and fit right on your key chain
Nice instructable. I EDC the Spyderco Delica 4
tareko3 years ago
Thank you for sharing this instructable. I have in fact learned two uses which I probably wouldn't come up with on my own.

Still, what about all the other day to day uses?

Let me bore you wuith a story I repported to Vitorinox (that's right, I'm a Swiss Army Knife fan), a few years ago:

"...I have read the "True Stories" section and to be frank, I'm not surprised. Let me explain:
I've had the same Swiss Army Knife since 1989 - almost twenty years. It's a "Camping" model.
I may not have live-saving stories to tell, but I do have many problem-solving stories. That is why I carry it we me at all times.
The story I'd like to share with you is the following:
Last month, my wife and I were on motorcycle in Spain. The weather had been cloudy for a few days and and there was an eminent threat of heavy rain. Descending the "Sierra de Gredos" we suddenly left behind the clouds and found ourselves in a sunny mountain side. I stopped the motorcycle on the side of the road and we got off. We just stood there enjoying the beautiful view.
In the saddlebags I had some "manchego" cheese and some crackers. With my Swiss Army Knife - would you believe it? - I sliced the cheese. It was a most delicious experience and one of the best moments of the holidays..."
Now I shall tell the story about me slicing swiss smoked gendarmes sousages and pain paisan ( a tipical swiss loaf) with a "locksmith" model Victorinox knife while trecking in Valais swiss alps. Gorgeous bread , gorgeous sousages and a pretty nice multy purpose folding knife I suggest to examine. Possibly examine bread and sousages too .
You are a lucky guy! I've been trying to buy a Victorinox Locksmith for over six months. They discontinued the model and anybody that has one hangs on to it.
chrisdp2 years ago
Wow. i have learned a couple of things with this. I carry a Victorinox Spartan and thanks to Mr Wade Tarzia and his little pocket hook, it is really easy even in my office clothes.

Some guys have commented on "taking care" of your knife. Well, it is a tool at the end of the day and I wont use a knife with special meaning or that was a gift in such a manner.
kmiksch2 years ago
Obviously those are the tasks you can do with a Gerber. Cause why ruin a decent knife when you can ruin a Gerber :)
I love this instructable!!! lots of great ideas I wil post a pic of my E.D.C knife below I also have the mini version of your knife.
kendonn2 years ago
Went out and bought two of these gems. excellent uses for an excellent knife.

Many Thanks
briscoekid2 years ago
What knife is this?
Mrballeng (author)  briscoekid2 years ago
the Gerber Paraframe I - Serrated
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