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When it comes to my EDC load out I pack pretty light. I typically have my ruck with me with a few extra items, but for the purpose of this instructable I'll just list what I keep in my pockets.

1. Bottle opener - It's the size of a credit card and I scored it for free in a pack of cigarettes. I like beer, so this item is pretty important to me.
2. Wallet - I prefer a minimalist wallet I can carry in my front pocket. This particular one is the Mojito from Malcolm Fontier. The elastic cord that goes over the cards wore out a while ago, so I cut it off. Still works fine.
3. Knife - I switch between a Ken Onion CRKT, and a Ka-Bar ZK series. The CRKT is pictures. I tend to prefer this one as it has a drop point style blade, and my Ka-Bar is tanto.
4. Flashlight - Went with the Streamlight Microstream. Have not had it long, but it seems to be bright enough, and durable. It's exceptionally small as well.
5. Keys - Pretty standard. I keep a couple keys, my remote entry, a Gerber Shard tool, and an engraved tag with my contact info on the carabiner. I prefer an actual load bearing carabiner, as opposed to the cheap aluminum ones that inevitably break within a couple months. My current carabiner has been in use for 4+ years, and is still going strong.

So, there you have it. That's what I keep on me on any given day. Thoughts? Suggestions?


zcooley (author)2014-04-17

I actually have a few of those kicking around. Bought a bunch to give to some friends. Not sure why I haven't swapped that out with my current bottle opener.

steegs8319 (author)zcooley2016-10-16

Doesn't the Shard open bottles anyway?

zcooley (author)2014-04-20

I had that same concern, so I left the address off. I did include my name, which I'm having second thoughts about. Mine also states in offering a reward if returned. My remote entry is about $100 to replace, so it's worth it.

amulder1 (author)2014-04-20

for contact info just use your phone number. Then if they are found they can call you but still don't know which house they fit.

Survivorkidjr (author)2014-04-17

What about those survival credit cards that have a saw knife bottle opener can opener wrenches. Only 99 cents on ebay

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