How to Enter the Instructables, MAKE, and PopSci DIY Halloween 2007 Contest!


Go to the 2009 Halloween contest and enter to win one of dozens of prizes in six categories!

Results are up!

Halloween is our favorite day of the year, so we've joined up with PopSci, MAKE, [http://www.craftzine Craft], and our friends at American Science & Surplus and Cool Neon to run a mega-contest we're calling DIY Halloween!

Halloween is the perfect maker holiday: an excuse to decorate and make costumes, carve pumpkins and throw fantastic parties. A day for the ghoulish and gruesome, for the gross and fantastic. A day for testing out your roof-busting T-Rex, building an LED Throwie Rat, serving up a toddler toddy, or seeing exactly how far you can hurl a flaming pumpkin.

Halloween is the best time of year to be the friend who can sew and decipher patterns, weld, glue, tape, or find stuff in dumpsters. Check out the 2006 contest winners or MAKE's Halloween edition if you need some inspiration!

Whatever your taste, DIY Halloween is all about making the holiday your own. Simply build something awesome, and we'll help you share it!

Just add your Instructable to the DIY Halloween 2007 group. We've got several categories, and your project may qualify for one or all of them- our judges will decide.

To make it even easier to join the party, we're also accepting your stand-alone pictures and videos! This gives you more ways to win even if you can't document the whole project.

All entries, including Instructables, photos, and videos, are eligible for the main prizes! The more detailed your entry, the more likely you are to win- if you can do an Instructable, you should. The Photo & Video Exclusive prizes are only open to (surprise!) photographs and videos.


Grand Prize: A trip to the 2008 Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA! Includes airfare, hotel, and tickets for one lucky winner! Also, your choice from the First Prize packages!

First Prize: one (1) winner in each category
Choose from three prizes:
- Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2" Driver Drill Kit
- Wusthof Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Set of 7" and 4" knives, Wusthof Classic 9" Bread Knife, and a sharpener
- Cool Neon EL Wire kit!

Plus a $50 gift certificate from American Science & Surplus, a limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, the MAKE category prize, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

Second Prize: two (2) winners in each category
A $50 gift certificate from American Science & Surplus, a limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, the MAKE category prize, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

Third Prize: three (3) winners in each category
A limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

Pictures & Video Exclusive: two (2) winners in each category
A limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, the MAKE category prize, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

MAKE category prizes:
Hack-O-Lantern: MAKE warranty voider or MAKE bomb defuser leatherman tool.
Costumes: DIY Laptop bag by Skooba and year one or year two of MAKE.
Food: a year of Craft and a sushi wallet kit.
Decorations, Haunted House, Gadgets & More: MAKE controller kit for First and Second prizes, a MAKE t-shirt for the Picture & Video prizes.


Hack-o-Lantern Contest: grab the nearest pumpkin (real or faux) and get to work. These make great photo entries, but if you do something especially inspired it could be turned into a full Instructable!

Costume Contest: show off your homemade costume. Whether it's freshly sewn, repurposed, or assembled from your last dumpster-diving trip, we want to see it. Again, this could be a great photo entry or a full Instructable.

Gadgets and Decorations Contest: show us how you made your surroundings spooky, take some pictures and video, and show us how it's done.

Food Contest: The grosser the better! What if you served this at your Halloween party and nobody ate it? Well, we'd probably give you a prize!
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Organic surfaces are hard to focus on and pumpkins are thick. Still...
Could you not figure something out a la the meat cutting instructable? There may be a problem with actually fitting the pumpkin in the cutter in the first place.
A small pumpkin would probably fit (the beds go down decently far). A pumpkin, as opposed to a steak, has all sorts of compound curves... The laser cutters/etchers are only 2-axis while cutting - the third axis is just for focusing.
Hm... How about one of those souped-up laser pointers, and a turntable for the pumpkin...

laser pumpkin lathe!!

(Ok, you'd probably have to turn it *real* slow, and even then it would only brown the surface rather than cutting it. Still - worth a try...)
So you'd probably need a 3 axis milling machine to do the job well?
Yes, but with a pumpkin it would be faster to just transfer a printed design and cut it with a knife.
I feel a robot pumpkin coming on...
How's that feel?
Good. Real good.
wonton7 years ago
i was thinking as a prize a laser engraved robot zippo lighter
HAL 9000 wonton7 years ago
A robot Zippo? that would be so cool!! i would do anything for one of those.
that is the greatest idear on earth, just that they wont jive 1 to a 13 year old :(. but on the up side i do have a zippo that says AIR FORCE ONE on it...
Kiteman7 years ago

Even from outside the US??


(And when is the Faire?)
Dear Canida, Are pumpkin bombs ok to enter. ive made the instructable and added it to the group, but it dosen't seem to work? just asking...
Zetheros7 years ago
Yes! the perfect chance to slip in my Halloween costume I've been working on since July.
Just out of curiosity, how will you know what category it's for? just by looking at it... or do we need to note it?
Yes! I have been making my own costumes since I was 5 I will get to work on the Instructable right now.
Illidan7 years ago
can i enter 2 different instructables in 2 different categories?
Definitely. You can enter as many times as you want!
Illidan7 years ago
where can i find the parental permission form? i already added my instructable and my parents are ok with me entering but i dont want to run any risks of being disqualified
canida Illidan7 years ago
If you win we'll email it to you! No worries- we won't preemptively DQ you.
Illidan canida7 years ago
ok, thanks
Vendigroth7 years ago
finally, a contest i can be bothered entering! well, better get to work....
zachninme7 years ago
(Sorry to be so critical) I don't like the new image, it looks like baby poo :P (the background color) What about #513301? It has the same hue, I just adjusted the saturation and value to make it a brownish color; keeping with the fall theme. I don't like how mine came out; I did it quickly, but if you would like to use this, and you don't have it pre-background, I can do it better.
I have to say that I would like to see the instructables robot wearing a pumpkin suit. But all in all I like what you have.
something like this (minus the crappy resolution)
C:\Documents and Settings\Heather\My Documents\My Pictures\robothalloween copy.jpg
You can enter modded robot pictures in the contest- just put them up in the Forums under the DIY Halloween group! (They'll probably be under Decorations, but if there's interest I could give a special Robot Remix award!)
Is there somewhere we can get a larger robot image? I used the biggest one I could find but it was a bit too small for good resolution
Theres a thread called "Official Instructables Logos". They're attached in there.
Ok I started a new thread "Halloweenibles: Modded Robot Picture Decorations" Happy modding to all.
Haha, thats pretty good!
Or just have is main body unit be painted orange, with vertical stripes, and an orange cap with a step sticking out of it!
Or you could do the Robot as the Headless Horseman....
Okay, I'm happy with the green.
I have an idea for a prize! Laser engraved electric pumpkin saw! (they sell them - got one at target once)
Bran7 years ago
Wow, my dreams have come true. Now, do I need to add my Instructable to this group only, if it applies to only one category? Or what? Thanks.
canida Bran7 years ago
Just the contest, we'll worry about the categorization!
Meh... Bwahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!! I'm twelve and i want to do this, where is the permission slip?
You have to include a video of parents saying "We promise that Little Petey, sometimes called "Lord of Mystra", is our precious boy and he has permission to enter the competition, but you've got to send the prizes to us, just in case he gets grounded". LOL!