Introduction: EDGY BAD BETI ? - MAKEUP FOR HALLOWEEN (Tutorial)??

This is the easiest halloween makeup ever! ?

This is a recreation of Bad Beti, As you watch the video and see how this is done step by step I'm sure you'll agree that this halloween makeup tutorial is extremely easy and edgy. This halloween makeup is a very bold and I'm sure many of you can pull this off, I was instantly love with the concept of bad beti when I saw this previous year. So This year I thought f starting of halloween with recreation of bad beti but an easier edgy version. You and your gang can watch the tutorial and come up with your own creation and dress up on halloween as bad betis, damn it would be so cool! You don't even need a ton of products for this; foundation, concealer, blackliner and eyeshadow that's it. You can borrow jewellery from your mom, grab a nice ethnic dupatta and it's done! Yea I literally made that nath from a bangle, I know you can do better though So awaken your creative souls, start recreating and Do TAG ME IN PHOTOS YOU UPLOAD my instagram is @pvsquaree I'd love to see your recreations ?

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Step 1: Prep Your Face

Picture of Prep Your Face

- Apply primer evenly on your face

- Apply foundation and concealer

- Blend (with brush or sponge)

Step 2: Set Your Base With Powder

Picture of Set Your Base With Powder

I've used maybelline super white compact to set my face

Step 3: Extend Your Mouth Line

Picture of Extend Your Mouth Line

Extend your mouth line like shown with black liner or kajal whatever you are comfortable with

Step 4: Trace You Natural Contour

Picture of Trace You Natural Contour

Start from top part, where the ear joint starts and trace your natural contour and match it with the extended mouth line.
(If you're still confused watch the video above)

Step 5: Draw Nose

Picture of Draw Nose

- Now spot the mid of your nose and draw V and extend it to corners

- Fill it and set it with black eyeshadow
(If you are confused watch the video above)

Step 6: Thick Wing Liner

Picture of Thick Wing Liner

- Draw thick wing liner covering the whole lid

TIP:You can stick a tape for precise edges.

- Fill it in, and set it with black eyeshadow

Step 7: Draw Teeth

Picture of Draw Teeth

Drawing teeth is very easy make lines like this and then make U on upper teeth and Inverted U on lower

(If you're still confused watch the video above)

Step 8: Make Your Eyebrows Bushy

Picture of Make Your Eyebrows Bushy

- Make your eyebrows thick and bushy

- Deepen your contour and jaw line with black eyeshadow

(If you're still confused watch the video above)

Step 9: Accessorize

Picture of Accessorize

Borrow jewellery frm your mom get a duppatta and it will look more realistic


Picture of FINAL LOOK

I hope like this If you do please leave a feedback it would mean a lot to me THANKYOU ?


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