EDST (Every Day Survival Tin)





Introduction: EDST (Every Day Survival Tin)

Today im going to show you my EDC (Every Day Carry) Survival tin. I was looking through the Altoids tin survival kits and found one that a guy carries around with him every day. I included some stuff he put in it but I also revised it a little.

Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment!

Have added Asprin. Will be adding medical scissors, Large elastic bandage, and a little here and there.

Survival fishing rod from a Jerky chew container.

Step 1: EDST: Mini First Aid

This is the least of a first aid I would ever carry with me. I kind of was nerves in just putting it in and not making a full other tin for it.

* 3 Band-Aids
* 3 Mini "stitch" Band-Aids
* 1 4x4 Gauze Pad
* 1 individual Anti-Biotics
* 2 Alcohol Prep pads (Can be for cleaning wounds, and for cleaning up after eating)

Again this is the bare minimum I would suggest that you include. This will vary from person to person.

Step 2: EDST: Mini Spices

Me and everyone else im sure likes a little flavor to their food. I took the straw thing from the guy and he said he got it from this other guy. So I wont do an instructable on them because its not my Idea

* 3 salt (One packet, Two of the straws)
* 2 Sugar (One Packet, 1 Straw [Large])
* 1 pepper

You can put any kind of spices in the straws.

Step 3: EDST: Every Day Needs

I just put somethings that I thought I would use daily, and a thing or 2 that i necessarily dont need.

* 10 matches (With striker)
* 2 water proof matches (How ever you would like)
* 1 pick (In jazz band, guitar player always needs one)
* Super glue
* Duct tape (Around Business card [Can use as tender]
* 1 Small plastic bag

This will vary among others.

Step 4: EDST: Packing First Level

For the first level I have put the first aid stuff. The band-aids on the very bottom and then the rest on top.

Step 5: EDST: 2nd Level

For the rest of the levels I will be putting just pictures of them up and not explaining. If you would like me to tell you what is there just comment, and I will let you know.

Step 6: EDST: Last Stage

Step 7:



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    I would put first aid on top instead of bottom. If you're injured, it isn't something you want to dig for.

    his is quite old, and I've changed some since then. Thank you though.