How to make Google Documents look more professional

Zoho Writer and Google Doc's rock! However when you print, you get an ugly header and footer, including the URL. When I go to pass in the paper, I feel like the teachers think I plagiarized.
Here is a simple solution to the problem.

I will add IE or Zoho/ThinkFree/other instructions, but the concept is the same.

On step 4: I have added a small footnote describing the situation in IE.
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Step 1: Get Firefox

I say this, because this tutorial is based in Firefox. If you are using IE, it isn't much different. (If enough people ask, I will add it)

Firefox 2.0 is much better than older versions, because of the added spell checker!

Step 4: Down with the Header! Down with the Footer!

Picture of Down with the Header! Down with the Footer!
Read the photonotes, they do a much better job then I could!

(Note for IE users: After clicking "Page Setup" and "Margins & Header/Footer", there will be two long textboxes labeled "Header" and "Footer", which appear to contain gibberish (Something like &s&b&d&t ), delete the contents of both of these to get rid of your header and footer.)

Step 5: And finish!

All you have to do now is click print, as outlined in the last step.

You will now have a nice, neat paper to give to some professional person!
lopez86756 years ago
on IE7, there is a button on pprint preview that says "turn headers and footers on of off". much easier.
kyle2057 years ago
And don't forget to change the headers back, or they will show up on everything you print!
Thank you! A bit of a trick to get it to work in my souped-up firefox (or perhaps it's the fact that I'm running gentoo), but it works nonetheless.
zachninme (author)  threecheersfornick7 years ago
Yeah -- I meant to remake it for Fedora, but oh well :P
Well, basically, the only difference for me on gentoo was that I got to skip the "Print Preview" step... I just went straight from the "File" menu to "Page Setup" and printed.
zachninme (author)  threecheersfornick7 years ago
Thanks -- I never use linux to print, simply because the printer isn't connected (distance), so I've never tried.
zachninme (author) 8 years ago
Did I overuse PhotoNotes? I figured for something like this, it would tell the story better. I also used Windows to take the images just because it looks like Windows, which is what my target audience is using. Also, I don't know how to take screen shots in Linux...
You have photonotes entirely within other photonotes, which makes them unreadable, and you have overlapping photonote boxes that all say the same things, and you have photonotes that are irrelevant to the instructable. So yes, I think you overused them "a bit." It's a bit sad, perhaps, that we need instructables to cover issues that ought to have been in the manual; but of course modern computer software is so easy to use that it doesn't HAVE any manual. Right. Sigh.
zachninme (author)  westfw8 years ago
With the note-in-the-note thing, I tried to make a "hollow rectangle", where the note would only appear on the outside part. I guess it didn't work. (I removed them) Also, You can easily just download it in RTF/PDF/Word, but this allows you to do this on more public computers.
I have used google docs before, but something about it bothered me, i dont remember what exactly. I've been using (portable) open on my thumb drive. its surprisingly small, and it will boot on any PC, its similar (identical) to the microsoft office suite, but free. i just carry my thumby with me and i have all of my programs and documents right there. I call it the Leech Drive. Nice instructable, ill be sure to check out google docs again soon.
Not identical... better. No Clippy.
Here I was, thinking that most people already knew how to remove headers and footers when printing a web page. This is nothing specific to Google Docs & Spreadsheets, but good job using Google to get more clicks. :P
zachninme (author) 8 years ago
Okay! I republished it!
I am wondering if you have tried ThinkFree Online. Inc. Magazine recently voted us the best bet to replace Microsoft Office. We have a full office suite that offers robust functionality including a full print interface and functions that allow you to create full MLA format documents with footers and headers. We operate in two modes, Quick Edit, for when you need to work and run, or Power Edit when you need to take the time to create a richly formatted document. Our Power Edit mode has the highest level of functionality around. Because we started building our application in 1999 based on MS Office formats, we also take pride in the fact that we have the highest level of MS Office compatibility available. We handle documents that other applications just don't open. We are also the only office suite that is round trip compatible. So, no matter how many times a document is edited in ThinkFree of Microsoft Office, we don't lose your data or alter the format of your file. We have collaboration features, version management, publishing live documents to blogs, mash-ups with Flickr,, Creative Commons, and let you share documents using your own email application. I'd be interested in knowing what you think. Thanks, Jonathan
zachninme (author)  cocoanuthead8 years ago
Yes, I have tried that. I just find it too cluttered. I personally use Google Docs because it keeps everything on one account AND keeps everything separate. I don't have my emails in my documents, and my alerts don't have to be on my homepage. I use different web 2.0 sites for Visio and Powerpoints, but I don't use them much.