EEG - Brain Computer Interface


Introduction: EEG - Brain Computer Interface

Have you ever wanted to be able to just use your mind to control de computer? Me too!

I'm working on a project to perform a cheap and easy to build platform (ideally, arduino compatible) that expands your computer interface into a new, mental level.

During my work I've created a blog in order to let people know how the work is going. I will now like to expand my context and share with instructables-fans and obtain some feedback from you guys.

Notice the system is still open and unfinished, so don't go nuts if it doesn't work, yet.


I hope you enjoy :)




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    sir i'm a mechatronics technician and i am working on the same project

    would you accept that we make some sort of team and work together?

    What's the progress on this? I'm so interested in this same project. I have a lot of plans for the work your doing on this so I'd hate to hear you stopped.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing a step-by-step instructable of the finished device.

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    Thank you kiteman, take it for granted.