Introduction: EEK! "I SEE YOU" Halloween Picture Frame

Picture of EEK! "I SEE YOU" Halloween Picture Frame

Keeping with my Halloween theme of EYES. I "hacked" a picture frame I saw on Pinterest, and made it my own.....after all isn't that what hacking is all about?

The first picture is of my mantle (so far)
The second picture is of the frame (EEK!) alone
The third is the original frame on Pinteres

It works well with these eyes

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Picture of Step 1: Materials

Picture Frame (mine was one I bought for $.59 at Goodwill. It was Blue, but had a nice easel back, and the glass was in tact.
White Paint (I used a spray paint, but any white craft paint would also work)
Googly Eyes Assorted Sizes (I bought mine from
Craft Glue (I used Aileens Tacky Glue)
Neon Green Paper
Craft Knife


Step 2: Step 2: Prepare the Frame

Picture of Step 2: Prepare the Frame

Do as much prep work on your frame as you feel necessary.

Remove the back, and the glass (if yours came with it)

Sand if you think it needs it. Mine was in good condition(painted light blue) so I decided to just paint right over the blue.

Spray (or brush on) at least 2 coats of white paint to fully cover

Step 3: Step 3: Glue on Eyes

Picture of Step 3: Glue on Eyes

I started applying a small amount of Tacky Glue in the left corner, then dropping the eyes on one by one. I intended to have the whole bottom of the fram "packed" with eyes, but then my DH started palying around with it, and we liked the look of all of the eyes "moving" to one spot. Play around and decide what you like best.

I did find that just "dipping" each eye LIGHTLY in a glob of the tacky glue using tweezers, worked the best for me.

Keep adding until you are satisfied with the look.

Step 4: Step 4 EEK! Printing

Picture of Step 4 EEK! Printing

I wanted to print up something to fill the "picture area" (is there a NAME for this??) I tried BOO, and Happy Halloween, but settled on EEK!

I went to MS Word, and tried a few different fonts to find one I liked. I chose SNAP ITC......THEN I found out that 72pxl was not nearly big enough, but that was the biggest offered.

After doing a Google Search (isn't the internet wonderful?) I read just how easy it is to make any font bigger.  Simply type in the size you want. Ta-Da

Once I printed a TEST page, I printed the "real thing" on Green paper

Step 5: Step 5 Assembly

Picture of Step 5 Assembly

Using the glass from the frame as a pattern I cut around the EEK! with a craft knife.

I washed the glass making sure I removed all of my fingerprints, then reassembled the frame.

Have a WONDERFUL Halloween


Kawthar Xoubi (author)2012-09-28

this is funnnn,i love it =)

MaryT8M (author)Kawthar Xoubi2012-09-28 I need to figure out what to do with the other 200 eyes I have left over! (putting "thinking cap" on)

Kawthar Xoubi (author)MaryT8M2012-09-28

hmm....i would glu so many of them on a small or big ball and cover every inch of the ball with these eyes. i think it would be so much funn watching the eyes go crazy when the bal is moving!! hmmm..however, i am going to wear a thinking cap as well because these eyes could be used in more dramatic project...

MaryT8M (author)Kawthar Xoubi2012-09-28

That would be a cute idea. The package I bought online was 3 or 4 different sizes. I wish they also had included some bigger ones.....guess I should learn to read the description better (or at all)

Pixie Puddle (author)2012-09-28

:) that is really cute, love googly eyes and that is an awesome use for them, :)

MaryT8M (author)Pixie Puddle2012-09-28

Thanks....I'm driving my DH a little nutty with these!

jessyratfink (author)2012-09-27

Oh, how cute. Googly eyes make everything better :D

MaryT8M (author)jessyratfink2012-09-28

I agree!.......I'm really "in to" eyes again this year. I LOVE Halloween

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