This a 3D Printed Parallel Delta Robot.

You can see it in action here:

I made an instructables to make it driven fron an Android app via Bluetooth here:



3D models of the printed parts in *.stl format, can be downloaded for free from my thingiverse account here:


here following the LIST OF 3D PRINTED PARTS (with quantities)
- n°1 EBD.01.01.002 mast.STL

- n°3 EBD.01.01.003 corner.STL

- n°3 EBD.01.02.001 support.STL

- n°3 EBD.01.02.003 rx_arm.STL

- n°3 EBD.01.02.004 sx_arm.STL

- n°6 EBD.01.02.005 bridge.STL

- n°3 EBD.01.02.006 feet.STL

- n°1 EBD.01.02.007 plate.STL

- n°1 EBD.03.00.001 base plate.STL

- n°1 EBD.03.00.002 upper plate.STL

- n°2 EBD.03.00.003 spur.STL

- n°1 EBD.03.00.004 gear.STL

- n°2 EBD.03.00.005 finger.STL

- n°1 EBD.04.00.001 duct.STL

COMMERCIAL ITEMS B.O.M. (I use metric hardware)

- n°3 MG995 servo

- n°1 sg90s servo

- n°3 604zz ball bearing

- n°12 Uniball Traxxas M4x17 Crawler/Scaler

- n°3 Ø16 x 1 l=220 mm aluminum pipes

- n°3 Ø16 x 1 l=330 mm aluminum pipes

- n° 6 M4 x 200 mm long threaded rods

- n°15 M3 nuts

- n°12 M3 x 25 TCEI screw (receessed hex head)

- n°2 M3 x 45 TCEI screw (receessed hex head)

- n°6 3x15 self tapping screw

- n1 400 x 450 mm plywood sheet (for the base)


Delta bots are characterized in that they are composed of multiple identical elements (usually three or four) that drive the plate, so in this case I explain how to assembly one of it, than the sequence has to be repeated for the two remaining.

(1) Insert the 604zz bearing in the dedicated housing of the "EBD.01.02.001support" (take care to make pressure only on the outer ring)

(2) Position the servo as shown in picture and fix it with the screws ( two could be enough ).

(3) Insert the cross horn of the servo in the crossed housing of left arm then connect both on the main mast of the servo using an M3 screw. You have to verify that the servo is centered and is ensured enough travel in both directions (up & down).

(4) Drop in their housing the M3 nuts and connect two "EBD.01.02.005 bridge" to the "EBD.01.02.004 sx_arm" ensuring to insert them in the dedicated “T” housing (if necessary smooth edges)

(5) Connect the other side of "EBD.01.02.005 bridge" with the 003_RIGHT ARM. Insert a M4 screw in the "EBD.01.02.003 rx_arm" till to engage the 604 ball bearing, Verify that the servo rotate smootly

Repeat this assembly sequence on the other two main supports

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