The egg-jet>>>Steam-racer is a little project i did at school when i was alloud into the science class.Since its been a while i thought give it another go...also i couldnt find it any on here so for those who dont know and want to see how it is really easy and affordable... the KIDS are gunna flip when they see it go mine did.

Step 1: First step .... blowing the egg!!!

Picture of first step .... blowing the egg!!!
Now you have got your kit together and are ready to go...First take the egg to the sink and pop two holes in it....I know it sounds easy but believe me if you havnt done it for a while you better take two eggs.Holes 1 and 2 go in either end PIN holes is prefferable as one will play a major part at the end of this project.
abkb1 year ago

this is awesome

mbourhan2 years ago
The kids will love it , I'll direct my neighbor to buy a toy boat for their kids ..to steal it later.
Matt4282 years ago
lilchumy2 years ago
very good! can u plz explane how exactly it works?
mcommane (author) 3 years ago
Thankyou salomon1996 , i am sorry for not doing making the foil boat yet because it may be a weight issue when using any thing else but.
salomon19963 years ago
Very Cool! :D