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Introduction: EGG Parachute Project

If your doing an egg drop project just for fun or for a science project this is in my opinion the best way to do it. But if you have a better way leave it in the comments for others.

Step 1: Item Necessary

What you will need

  • straws
  • coffee filter
  • string,twine,yarn (what ever you got)
  • small rubber bands or hot glue
  • egg (duh)
  • cutting tool
  • hot glue gun (or way to melt hot glue)
  • hole punch (big enough to fit string through)

Step 2: How to Make It

1.cut straws and clue them into cage shape.

2. make secure spot for egg to sit in with straws on top and bottom of egg.

3. punch hole in coffee filter for strings to be tied through.

4. attach other end of 4 in string to the to top of the cage.

Step 3: Finish

Test a lot until you it works well then ... test some more just so you win it all



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    It des work, it roke on impact........ 1/10 wood recomend ?