If you've ever made a tennis ball bomb before, than you probably know how much of a pain in the butt it is to make one. Incase you couldn't think it up yourself, heres a simple guide of how to get one done in under 2 hours.
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Step 1: The Concept of the Tennis Ball Bomb

Incase your NOT a stupid kid like me and dont know what a tennis ball bomb is, here's the main concept. You cut a hole in a tennis ball, and put a bunch of strike anywhere match heads inside it to fill it up. THen you throw it on the ground and BOOM. Usually this is a grueling process that takes a long time, but I didn't wanna take up another week making my second one, so i found a way to make on real quick.

Im only giving you this knowledge so you can know how to do it. I suggest you don't make one. But if you're going to be a crazy ass and make one anyways, then you're taking full responsibilty for any harm done to yourself or others, because I warn you now, this crap CAN mess you up if you're being a total dumbass when handling a fully loaded tennis ball bomb.

Anyways, onward to the next step...

Step 2: What You'll Need

Here's a list of the neccessities of making a tennis ball bomb real fast-like.

- Tennis ball or raquet ball

- A pair of those sharp, fatty scissors (I reccomend Cutco brand scissors)

- A small funnel. Make sure the matche heads can fit through easily, cuz I used to use a turky baster and they always got stuck. (i found one under the kitchen sync)

- AT LEAST 3 boxes of STRIKE ANYWHERE matches. It takes over 500 match heads to fill up a ball, so get a third box to be safe. They must be strike anywheres or it WONT WORK.
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ZDAch,9118 years ago
how do the match heads x-plode???
They explode in two diferent ways: (1) They all light up so fast you get a fireball (2) When in a container the force of them all lighting has nowhere to go thus creating INTENSE pressure inside the container till' the container breaks into a billion peices spraying shrapnel everywhere. (This way is the deadly way)
number 1 isn't an explosion, it's deflagration. number 2 is correct. exploding in 2 different ways is correct. First is what you said in number 2, Second is the whole thing detonates. explosives that detonate do not require a containment vessel to contain all the pressure. putting explosives that detonate into a container will do double and a half damage so it's an added benefit that is optional. why double and 1/2 you ask. 1 concussion. 2 shrapnel. 3 more resistance for the gases so it will have to build up in the container then release it all more violently. what about the 1/2. because the container is so puny. it has to be made of carbon fiber, better yet, diamonds to take on full effect. steel will do just fine. 
Wow, just ignore what I said then!!!
See my instructable called "The Greatest Match Bomb Ever" for a way to make one
Slonezy8 years ago
Mix nitrogen fertalizer evenly with the match heads but be carfull because this is a real big bang.
 umm, dude, that's what terrorists use on a large scale, recommend u put that comment of your away
yeah my friend was fine it was like ten feet away from all of us
i wonder if you added BBs to the match heads , im thinking your friend wouldnt have been standing so close or at least with as much confidence.
wow, you realize you basically just told a psychodic pyro maniac how to make a bomb right? lol, im gonna have to make alot of these one day, me and my friends are pretty stupid when it comes to fire and anything explosive, its gonna be fun!!!!! :D
jake10126 years ago
ya not something i will recommend doing again i made one and bounced it and it lit my neighbors house on fire i got sent on a tour through prison and juvy for 5 days only because it was my first act of terracy they said so if you do it dont do it near other people or houses
mrbox6 years ago

I coulda at least smacked a few more topspin serves with that!!!! =(((((
David9526 years ago
I have a great idea. Take a teniss ball, fill it up partly with strike-anywhere-mathces and fill it up with homemade napalm(boiled gasoline with soap added. It's like blasting jelly.)
Crimzen7 years ago
I just had a good idea, using these as ammo in one of those tennis ball launchers they also have on this site! Bwahaha
woudn't the force of the lanch explode it?!?!?!?
Wouldn't it be easier just to fill the stupid tennis ball with gasoline, put in a fuse ,light throw and BOOM
Gasoline would just put it on fire, but it won't make a "boom".
yea, so put gunpowder AND gasoline in.
Eh, I'd rather use the smokless powder(If not, match heads) alone.
or gun-cotton (8:I)K
whitnorm7 years ago
hey will it explode if you only put like 10 matches in it? because for a science experiment i'm supposed to put matches in a tennis ball, but it would be great if it didnt explode and ya know, burn my face off.
You can also add some black powder and BB's for damage.
DanJustDan8 years ago
Ping pong balls work as well and their much smaller size means you can fill them faster. A mix of match heads and cap gun caps works great. Don't ask me how I know this. : ) Chalk it up to a mis-spent youth.
Ping pong balls are made of nitrocellulose, which is an explosive.
cpf Ian018 years ago
It strikes (no pun) me that if ping-pong balls were made with that, ping-pong would be brougt to a whole new level (teacher-"now hit the ball...not that hard!!!!!" *boom*), or mabye not
Ian01 cpf8 years ago
:-D Yes, that would be a little dangerous... :-D
KentsOkay Ian018 years ago
ping pong balls are not made of nitrocelluse, when mixed with acetone, in which nitrocelluse is soluble, they combine to form nitrocelluse with other byproducts (fumes, teenage boys in the hospital and mourge, etc.) However, if combined with other stuff (charcol, sawdust, clay) you can make dynamite (dynamite is any sensetive nitric explosive combined with something to make it easier to use, or wind up in the hospital with. So go ahead and make a tennis ball high-explosive grenade!
First off ping pong balls are made of nitrocellulose and camphor, second dynamite is nitroglycerin in soulution with nitrocellulose adsorbed into some media to lower shock sensitivity.
dynamite orriginnaly was invented by sir alfred noble , he found a soil called claylite which absorbes 4 times its weight in nitroglycerin
how did we come to talking about dynamite from matches?
true true YES! i did it and the ping pong ball caught fire as the wonderful after-affect though i used caps, ground match-heads and gunpowder
lemonie Ian018 years ago
Ping-pong balls, may *have been* made of nitrocelulose, but I doubt that they still are.

"in less UNDER hours"? I'm not sure I'd spend that much time, surely there are better propellants / combinations?


fadbum7 years ago
or a video
fadbum fadbum7 years ago
post 1 plz
Timmymtd7 years ago
How is this faster? Ive always seen matches cut like this.
Pudge7 years ago
I am using random combustable materials in a soccerball to make a beter one.
boombam7 years ago
you're supposed to use the red part too.
would an X acto hobby knife and a cutting board make the preparation of the match heads more efficent? Just a sug.
N0s3Nugg3t7 years ago
Lmao. I saw a news report today about this. This little girl was playing catch with her dad, and her dad threw it over her head and it fired off.
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