Of course, not all pans are equal, and a cheap frying pan (such as the one I purchased for around $4) is much, much easier to roll up than a Teflon one.
For the purpose of showing off to your friends however, it looks and sounds almost identical.

The question remains: what do you do with your eggs afterwards?
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halberdear6 years ago
this is great!!!! and when your can use the bent pan to make tacos!!!
My name is Goerge W. Bush and I approve this message: Tacos Rule.
im sorry but why?
sam noyoun (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
- impress chicks? -impress your friends - win a bet - earn a living - test yourself - make pointless viral videos - scare a burglar - appetite for destruction ... - (insert your own reasons here)
Do it for no logical reason?
- Make hot dogs!!!!!
because you can because it's cool
mattface seeem7 years ago
because you're frickin housemates just wont clean them up
just because you can
for fun
_soapy_ pooboy7 years ago
And profit! "Done by professional strongmen"!
ReCreate5 years ago
When i first read the title i though you where making a roll up frying pan, like a roll up keyboard and such XD
lemonie7 years ago
Yes, aluminium can be quite soft.
How far did you get with the Tefal?


(more strongman antics:
sam noyoun (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Man, I didn't even try... My wife would kill me if I did that to our tefal frying pans... (in fact, she'd probably use the rolled up pan to beat me to death!)
which is, incidentally, another good use for a rolled up pan: husband training tool.
Laugh out loud :P
screw that, how far did you get with CAST IRON!! lol
I can see it in a news article. Probably something on Ananova where the victim is from Eastern Europe... Who knows, some husband may see this Instructable and it'll be the death of him? L (Have that on your conscience!)
whiteoakart7 years ago
"The question remains: what do you do with your eggs afterwards?" Isn't this how people make omelettes?
sam noyoun (author)  whiteoakart7 years ago
Drive to Death Valley and fry them on the bonnet of your car?
That would work, but there would be an awful lot of sand mixed in. Perhaps wind-blown salt from the salt flat would add a little zip to it. However, I was thinking that now that your pan is rolled into a tube, it would make cooking omelettes easier. Just pour in your eggs and shake it up a bit. Presto, a tube-shaped egg thing, ready to be filled with cheese and mushrooms!
sam noyoun (author)  whiteoakart7 years ago
Nice one! 'hadn't thought of this... Shame I binned the pan!
i (as a full-blown American) instanty saw this as an amazing hotdog-cooker!!!!
bonnet?? are you european, i thought the bonnet thing was just a joke! if it is... good one, if it aint, thats funny man.
sam noyoun (author)  Loveofchaos7 years ago
I am european, yea, but I actually tried it... and it didn't work for me. What a good instructable that would make though...
Haha, i lived in Riyadh, so i would sometimes cook cookies on the hood of my dad's car with my friends, and once it left traces on the hood, so i was grounded
Bas Tobita7 years ago
what do i do if i have a cabriolet? :'(
Tobita Bas7 years ago
well, it would help if you could tell me what cabriolet is.
Bas Tobita7 years ago
Its a car with no ceiling (:
bob.smitty Bas6 years ago
ceiling on a car? a car has a roof or a top, but not a ceiling.
Bas bob.smitty6 years ago
I love the "be nice" comment policy, makes this place different than a forum (:
When you drive your convertible with the top down, its a cabriolet
Tobita Bas7 years ago
oh, because i always thought the hood of a car is the panel on the front of the car:P
a convertible... it follows that Bas should do... the same thing (?)
never cooked on the bonnet of the car, but i've cooked on the exhaust manifold more than once...
do you go to white oak middle school
Nope. It is just the name of our business. We are located in the middle of a stand of white oak trees.
RickO57 years ago
That would be impossible with an old, decent frying pan. All of mine are more than 15 pounds, those look like they're about 2 pounds.
sam noyoun (author)  RickO57 years ago
Errr.... no. That would be much harder, but not impossible. As I wrote, this is one of the classic tricks of the strongman, and it's been done many a time with cast iron pans.
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