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How to use a piezoresistive material to detect both pressure and location! Sandwitched between two conductive layers (with spacers in between) the piezoresistive material has two important properties. (1) It's resistance through (z) the material decreases when pressured and (2) it's resistance across distance (x,y) is not affected by pressure and increases with distance.
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Step 1: Other Options

Picture of Other Options
Before jumping in to explaining this specific solution to location and pressure sensing, i just wanted to list some of the other options...

Step 2: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
- conductive fabric
- piezoristive material (velostat, linqstat or eeontex)
- thin foam

- scissors
- fusible interfacing
- analog/digital converter (arduino, teensy....)

Step 3: Inspect Your Materials

Picture of Inspect Your Materials

Step 4: Prepare Your Layers

Picture of Prepare Your Layers

Step 5: Select Your Pull-Up Resistors

Picture of Select Your Pull-Up Resistors

Step 6: Circuitry

Picture of Circuitry

Step 7: Visualization

Step 8: Sew?

agomes62 years ago
By any chance will you share the code with the 4 analogs mapped / visualization sketch? :)