Have you have seen my Electroluminescent Bumper Sticker?

Well a number of comments told me I was breaking the law with having the sticker on the inside of
my window, and that I may get a ticket.

So I decided to re-engineer my bumper sticker to be,
Just THAT a Bumper Sticker.

This Instructable is showing how I mounted it on the bumper of my car.

Making it, and adapting the power was well explained in the other instructable.

Step 1: Removing the Bumper

This was A LOT harder then I thought it would be,
depending on your car, it may be as simple as drilling and reaching around the back
or in my case removing the complete bumper assembly from the car.

Dang. Nice license plate.
I think the issue with lighted displays in windows is the least of your issues.<br /> <br /> Your biggest problem is that it is still blue.&nbsp; In nearly all states, any blue exterior lighting on a non-emergency vehicle is illegal.&nbsp; Heck, even interior lighting with significant exterior visibility is likely to be illegal.<br /> <br /> I was honestly very surprised to hear that in my home state, rear-facing blue is supposedly permissible (other comments on your other instructable) - in most states ANY blue is illegal.<br /> <br /> There may also be laws in some states regarding lighting that turns on/off independently of &quot;main lighting&quot; and &quot;brake lights&quot;.&nbsp; It's all about reducing workload and distractions for ALL drivers on the road.<br />
i love how non flashing underbody lights are illegal as a distraction yet those gaudy flashing giant neon displays all along the roadways are somehow NOT&nbsp;distracting at all.<br /> <br /> thats what we call hypocritical :-)<br /> <br /> Flashing I&nbsp;can understand. anything else has no reason except because they can.<br />
I&nbsp;like it ! <br /> <br /> Love your numberplate ! macgeek Reminds me of the ncis characters Mcgee <br />
&quot;A lot&quot; is two words.
Fixed = Thanks<br />

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