Picture of Make an EL Wire Cap
With the year drawing to a close and the impending apocalypse I decided to add some EL Wire to a cap for celebrations like New Year and the end of the world so my friends and family can find me in a crowd and generally look awesome.

If they had caps in TRON, this is what I think they might look like. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
A cap of your choice
EL Wire colour of your choice (around 2m)
AA battery Inverter
Thin clear fishing wire
Super Glue (Not shown)
Thin foam
AA Batteries (Rechargeables will work)

Snips (Not shown)

Step 2: Planning

Picture of Planning
Plan your route sounds like it's straight out of a zombie survival guide but it applies here too.

Now this is 'Ible is for a cap but it can be applied to most head wear.
Figure out which parts of the cap you're going to light up and where you're going to route any wires extra EL wire etc...

For me my original plan was to go along up, back down the way I came and along all the way round. That was until I found that for this  thickness wire it would only bend about 4/6 of the way on itself, so I came up with the layout you see above.
I hid the run from the back to the front to light up the rim on the inside of the seam and at the back put a bit of heat shrink on to make it symmetrical.
dhenward1 year ago
sir, is there any way on how to make the batteries last longer than 8 hours?
Wackey Alex (author)  dhenward1 year ago
Well I only tested it for 8 hours, it probably could last much longer. If you really needed longer then you could get a 2x C battery holder, 2x C batteries and wire that into the terminals on the inverter.
ojoseph1 year ago
Hey, please where did you get the inverter with the four states (off, on, blink fast,blink slow)?
Wackey Alex (author)  ojoseph1 year ago
I got it from eBay, check out elwirecraft on there. Also here's a link but it won't last very long if the item gets relisted; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portable-2XAA-Battery-STROBE-Continuous-Driver-Inverter-3m-EL-Wire-/151135418894?pt=UK_Toys_Creative_Educational_RL&hash=item23305f7a0e
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Where did you buy the EL wire? I like this.
Wackey Alex (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
At eBay for about £7, it came with the inverter included.